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New Sting DVD Clip, Hogan On Doing The Job In Canada, JR Praises NXT

New Promotional Clip From Best of Sting have shared a new promotional clip from the upcoming Best of Sting DVD and Blu-ray set, which goes on sale September 23rd.

Hulk Hogan On Losing To Jacques Rougeau

In a recent interview with SLAM! Wrestling Hulk Hogan discussed doing the job to Jacques Rougeau in Montreal in 1997:

It was business and it was the right thing to do. Jacques was working very very hard for wrestling in Montreal. And on top of that, Jacques is a great man, a good wrestler and I know he would’ve done the same thing for me. Me and him had a little bit of an argument about it because he disagreed with me [about the ending of the match]. But I won at the end!

I got a ton of heat [from WCW], but I didn’t care. Those guys were all a bunch of marks back in the day anyway, so I didn’t care.

Jim Ross Praises NXT Takeover 2

In his latest blog Jim Ross had the following to say about the recent NXT Takeover 2 event:

Thought the main event, fatal four way, which can be a cluster, was well booked and executed. All the talents in this match plus the producers who put it together deserve a big time attaboy. Lots of effort and a nice story was told. Several unique agendas were touched on in this contest which is the mark of solid booking. Tyson Kidd once again demonstrated why he is one of the most under utilized talents in WWE IMO. Sami Zayn has been stellar since day one in NXT and has a bright future ahead of him. the Lance Storm trained Tyler Breeze has a great, TV persona and has every heel trait one could want in a talent. He gets it. Adrian Neville continues to remind me of a young, Tommy Billington which is a good thing as it relates to his in ring work and he, too, has a future on the WWE main roster at some point in time.

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  • Greg Giggie

    Tyler Breeze looks almost exactly like Shannon Moore from the 3 count days, he even has 3/4 of his move set, he’s alright, but I’m not as high on him as most others I guess

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