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New RAW Intro, Christian Says He’s Not Done, Storyline Firing Update, Hate For Ascension Promo

WWE Debuts New RAW Intro Video

WWE debuted a new intro video at the start of RAW last night, though the theme music remains the same. These things are often over-analyzed, but it’s worth noting that Roman Reigns is the last wrestler to be shown, which is usually reserved for John Cena. No doubt the haters will use this as evidence of WWE handing Reigns a push, as if booking a strong character is a bad thing.

Has Christian Really Retired?

Although it was stated multiple times last week that Christian had retired he reportedly told fans at a charity bingo event on Sunday night in Tampa, that he still intended to return to the ring.

This may be a situation where WWE’s wishes and Christian’s wishes are at odds. The company have not brought him back to the ring since suffering a concussion early last year. WWE may not want to risk further damage.

It’s believed his contract has less than a year left, so maybe he’ll end up wrestling outside of WWE at that point.

Dolph Ziggler Addresses Fans

The big storyline out of RAW was the “firing” of Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan, by The Authority. Ziggler wrote the following on Twitter today:

It’s the same old situation … the authority is back, again. I’m sorry. to all the hard working superstars that spend 300 nights a year on the road, entertaining the fans the only way they know how, by giving them everything they can! I’m sorry. I’ve done absolutely everything in my power to not only deliver every night, but improve my unique skill set, daily. In any other job that would be rewarded, certainly not frowned upon. I may be out of new york, but I have a lot of connections in LA. I will see you all again soon & know that I miss THIS more than anything in the world, ANYTHING! but you don’t know what’s best for you, THEY do. then again, THEY probably think 4/10 is as good as it gets… same old ball and chain.

Lance Storm Shoots On The Ascension

Wrestling legend Lance Storm did not like how The Ascension were scripted to deride the Road Warriors in their RAW promo. Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

Not that it’s a pissing contest but in terms of poor taste, WWE have done far worse. To me it was just their way of addressing the Road Warriors comparisons and heeling it up. They didn’t say anything particularly offensive.

Of course any fault here is with WWE’s writers not the Ascension.

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