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New Name Set For RAW, Sting Update, Nikki Injured? Warrior DVD Details

New Age Outlaws Join RAW Reunion

The New Age Outlaws will be joining tonight’s “RAW Reunion” from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. This marks the first time that all of the core NWO and DX members have appeared together, if you exclude Chyna. Ric Flair and Ron Simmons are also on hand.

As for the regular content Brock Lesnar is being advertised for an appearance. are hyping the following 5 points:

– What do the Legends have in store for RAW?

– Will Brock Lesnar exact vengeance against Seth Rollins?

– Is Dean Ambrose his own worst enemy?

– Will The Authority heap even more obstacles onto Daniel Bryan?

– Will Roman Reigns and Big Show clash once again before the Royal Rumble Match?

Sting Booked For Wrestlemania Weekend

Sting has been booked for the Wrestlemania Axxess VIP event and will be appearing March 28th, at 10am.

Undertaker is not one of the names listed, making it less likely that he decided to wrestle this year.

As for Sting vs Triple H, I guess we’ll know in the coming weeks.

Nikki Bella Injured Hamstring?

It looks like Nikki Bella injured her hamstring as she didn’t wrestle at the San Antonio, Texas, house show as advertised.

Full Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD Details

WWE’s upcoming “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” DVD and Blu-ray set will be released on April 14th. Here is the full match and segment listing:


Boston, MA – October 10, 1988
Intercontinental Championship
Ultimate Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man

Madison, WI– June 6, 1989
Ultimate Warrior and King Duggan vs. Ravishing Rick Rude and Andre the Giant

Superstars – May 18, 1991
Ultimate Warrior vs. Smash

Monday Night Raw – April 29, 1996
Ultimate Warrior vs. Isaac Yankem

Meadowlands Arena – May 8, 1989
Intercontinental Championship
Ultimate Warrior vs. Ravishing Rick Rude

Maple Leaf Wrestling – October 29, 1989
Intercontinental Championship
Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant

Wrestling Challenge – April 28, 1991
Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick The Model Martel

Lexington, KY – May 19, 1992
Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango

SummerSlam Spectacular – August 19, 1992
Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Nasty Boys


Wrestling Challenge – March 13, 1988
I Live For Anger and Frustration

Wrestling Challenge – August 13, 1989
Mean Gene Interviews Ultimate Warrior About SummerSlam

Superstars – May 23, 1992
The Papa Shango Curse

Monday Nitro – September 21 – 1998
Running to Reappear

Wrestling Challenge – June 25, 1988
I Won’t Let You Down

Superstars – July 16, 1988
Legends Weren’t Built Overnight

All American Wrestling – September 18, 1988
You Can Feel It

Superstars – February 3, 1990
I Speak to You, Hulk Hogan

Superstars – April 14, 1990
The New WWE Champion

Superstars – June 23, 1990
The Brother Love Show Discussing SummerSlam

Superstars – September 19, 1992
The Ultimate Maniacs Are Born

Wrestling Challenge – November 7, 1992
The Ultimate Maniacs Are Out of Control

Monday Nitro – August 24, 1998
One Warrior Nation

Monday Night Raw – April 7, 2014
The Spirit of Ultimate Warrior Will Run Forever

Blu-ray Exclusives

WrestleMania VI – April 1, 1990
Arena Cam
Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan

WCCW – August 22, 1986
Dingo Warrior vs. Rick Rude

Ontario, Canada – June 3, 1992
Ultimate Warrior and Undertaker vs. Papa Shango and Berzerker

Warriors I am so happy to tell you I’ve seen the first cut of WWE’s home video production of Ultimate Warrior: ALWAYS BELIEVE, released April 14, 2015. It is a spectacular celebration of his life in and out of the ring. It is real and it is raw. It is heartbreaking but it is beautiful because that is life…and life has edges.

This was not an easy project to see through but one I knew I must. Not just for my husband but for all of YOU! The legion of Warriors who have adopted my husband’s creed and lived it as intensely as he did! You will see the story of his rise in the WWE told through the voices of the incredible roster of talent and WWE executives. You will see sustaining friendships and new ones. You will see truth. You will meet my girls and see what incredible young ladies they have grown into over these ten months since our loss. The edges of life have been particularly sharp to them at such a young age but they’ve been so graceful in the way they have carried on and conducted themselves daily as he would have required: the ultimate warrior girls through and through. I will share the man I knew and loved with you…the one behind the mask who was my husband, best friend, and father to our daughters. I am honest about the struggles and the pain but just as truthful about the joy we shared and the laughs we had because it is all woven into the fabric of our true story. This is indeed a celebration and a culmination of who he was in and out of the ring.

What I have come to realize about the edges I’ve faced is they have cut me out of my comfort zone and pushed me into an arena I never anticipated. What I always loved most was being a wife and mother and suddenly I had to carry the massive mantle of one I supported with absolute love and devotion. Maybe this edge brought me to my best self as I believe it does all of us…it is in the heat of trial and battle we reach deeply within to discover our OWN Ultimate Warriors. My husband did this in his life as you will clearly see on this dvd and by his example we must do it in ours! I was so lucky, like he was, to have all of YOU lift us up and carry on. This project was my thank you. THANK YOU WARRIORS!!!!

I believe in doing what is hard… I believe in the truth… I believe we are all required to turn the sharpest edges of our lives into our greatest sharpening tools…Always!

xo Dana

Special thanks to Steve Wilton who without his part none of this would be possible.

Thank you Victor Lorenzo for your love of this project and Matt Rogers for your care.

Thank you Michelle Greigo for her hair and make up magic and inappropriate HR department.

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