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New Heyman DVD Teaser, Joey Ryan Shoots On WWE Again, Austin Game Show Update

Second Paul Heyman DVD Teaser

Here is the second teaser for the upcoming WWE Paul Heyman DVD and Blu-ray, out this Summer:

It would appear Heyman is doing his own promotional material.

More On Joey Ryan’s WWE Tryout

Former TNA star Joey Ryan continues to discuss his WWE tryout experiences on Twitter:

I previously documented Ryan’s Tweets. Most interesting was a letter he wrote to the developmental offices:

My talents and abilities allow me to travel the world and make a full-time living in professional wrestling, which is not something that most WWE Superstars could do on their own.

You have coaches in place that have never drawn a dime in their careers trying to determine who and who cannot draw money which is the true flaw in your system. I have had far more successful names in wrestling, some within WWE itself, rave about my creativeness, character acting and ability to engage an audience and your evaluators missed it. Perhaps it’s time for you to reevaluate your evaluators.

Good luck in finding your next big superstar.

Broken Skull Ranch Update

Steve Austin’s new game show Broken Skull Ranch on CMT will begin filming in the next few days from his real life ranch. The series, which debuts in June, concludes with what is billed as “the toughest obstacle course in America and the chance to win $10,000”.

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