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New DeMott Racism Story, NXT Fans Boo Ryback and Big Show, ECW Original Praises Heyman

Even More Bill DeMott Allegations

Another day goes by and another round of allegations emerge about the training methods of NXT’s Bill DeMott. Female independent wrestler Terra Calaway shared a story on Twitter of how one rookie at a seminar was subjected to racial bullying:

At a training seminar, where students paid $100 a person to be in the ring & learn, I witnessed DeMott call a Middle Eastern trainee “Aladdin”, “terrorist”, and “fat f-ck” multiple times. During a bump drill that was nowhere near safe for a green trainee to be doing, he just embarrassed and humiliated him. When anyone else did the drill correctly, he’d turn to this guy and just bash him. When I did the drill, he said “Look, even the girl can bump better than the terrorist!”. This continued to the end of the session where he told everyone good job, except this guy, and told him to “f-cking quit and go back to building bombs.” It was completely uncalled for and made everyone uncomfortable.

This guy spent his hard earned money to learn from someone, to get better only to be told to quit and have all these names and insults thrown at him. I have been, and continue to be bullied and I cannot just keep quiet when the world is finally trying to do something about it. To fix it. To save lives.

Even with me, he screamed at me from across the venue asking why I was not in the seminar. I arrived 30 min before it was scheduled to end and at the time did not have the funds. He continued to yell from across the venue at me as if I had done something wrong but I got in there for the last bit and did it without warming up, without stretching, just so I wouldn’t continue to be shouted at for no reason at all. It’s just sad that this is what people have come to. That’s all I have to say. This was all like 5-6 years ago, before I had ever stepped foot in a ring to wrestle. It was a long time ago, but some things never change.

Austin Matelson who wrestled as Judas Devlin in NXT, was the writer of the original letter that kicked this whole story off. He appeared on yesterday’s Vendetta Pro Radio and shed further insight in to WWE’s so called “investigation” of his claims.

He says that management immediately contacted DeMott about the letter, which lead to Matelson being called in to DeMott’s office to be chewed out as if he’d done something wrong. He says it’s well known that he keeps a gun in his draw for intimidation, and he’s shown it to both Rusev and Konnor of the Ascension.

Matelson says nobody speaks up out of fear for their jobs. This is most people’s dreams so they suck it up.

Furthermore Brian Breaker, who performed as Brandon Traven (who wrote the second letter) shared more information about his experiences on Twitter. He says he doesn’t buy the “it’s just sour grapes argument” because he wasn’t even the one who leaked his letter:

I never set out to seek attention positive or negative, the story was leaked by someone else. I was happy living my life being an Indy wrestler, having a podcast and spending time with my family which I had missed for 6 years. I’ve been getting a lot texts, messages calls etc. about my time with WWE when I was Brandon Traven…everything will be address (sic) on my own podcast so that you get the story from me and know one else. But know this, I leaked nothing it was sent out without my knowledge, I am not bitter. In fact I’m very happy with my life now, if you have listened to my podcast before you know I’m in a good place. But, what’s out is out. And it will be addressed this Sunday.

Another former WWE developmental talent, Drew Donovan, who was known as Chase Donovan, backed up the various allegations on Facebook:

For the record, Everything coming out in this WWE Developmental fiasco is pretty much one hundred percent true. More people would speak out if it weren’t for that “maybe they’ll hire me back mentality. Not b—hing, complaining, trying to correct an injustice, looking for a handout, or anything. Just saying. Now stop messaging me for confirmation and let me be depressed about turning 30. A certain point comes where you just lose respect for a dude for NOT punching someone in the face. Nude top rope squats is pretty much that point. Luckily I must have missed that day.

Ryan Nemeth the younger brother of Dolph Ziggler backs up the allegations and says WWE’s investigation was a white wash because they didn’t even contact him.

It’s worth noting that DeMott originally worked for WWE as the trainer for Deep South Wrestling, one of several developmental territories at the time. Allegations were rife even back then, with Kenny Omega (who is now a big star in Japan) quitting because of the way he was treated. Deep South was shut down and DeMott was released in 2007, but was rehired in 2011 for Tough Enough.

In 2012 former Deep South wrestler Kevin Mathews shared an image of two wrestlers naked in the ring, with the caption “nothing like forcing your MALE TALENT TO TRAIN BUTT NAKED WHILE YOU WATCH AND LAUGH!”

Now that new allegations are emerging Mathews Tweeted: “You believe me now @wwe ? @TripleH ? #FireBillDemott”

NXT Fans Don’t Want WWE Stars

In a further sign that NXT is becoming WWE’s own personal indy brand, last night’s live event in Ohio saw Big Show and Ryback draw a massive negative reaction. Triple H brought them in as surprise match to add to the intrigue of NXT now touring, but the fans chanted “please retire” to Big Show and clearly didn’t want them in the ring.

Mikey Whipwreck Praises Heyman

ECW original Mikey Whipwreck discussed Paul Heyman’s most recent WWE run with Pro Wrestling Illustrated:

I love it. When he comes on, it seems legit, like he’s really talking the truth. Yes, he’s in a wrestling character. But it really seems like he’s head and shoulders above everybody else. It’s super entertaining. It almost exposes everybody else. He’s pretty much had this same character since nineteen eighty-whatever. And he’s had a chance to master it. He’s just super good at it. He just takes his real personality and amps it up. And that’s what everybody says to do. You take a guy like Roman Reigns’ real personality—nobody knows what it is. So we don’t know what they’re amping up.

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