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New Debra Interview, Cody Busted Open, JR Expects Heyman Back Soon

What Happened To Debra?

Bill Apter caught up with former WWE Diva Debra at a convention and she discussed getting her master’s degree. Since leaving WWE in 2002 the 53 year old has done a few acting roles, as well as speaking out about steroids during the Benoit Tragedy:

Cody Rhodes Busted open At RAW Taping

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes noted on Twitter that he was busted open during yesterday’s RAW taping:

“@TheBrandiRhodes can you learn how to stitch up a wound…?? I found myself bleeding all about the ring again tonight…”

Next week’s RAW was taped to give the wrestlers a break for the holidays. The Authority reportedly handed out lots of santa hats to the live crowd to add to the festive spirit.

Jim Ross Expects Heyman To Return Soon

In his latest blog Jim Ross says he expects Paul Heyman to return to WWE soon:

“Expect Paul Heyman to return to WWE TV soon as the serious build to WM30 begins in earnest, as usual, after the New Year and leading into the Royal Rumble. That means that one can expect to see Brock Lesnar return as well. I’m still of the belief that Lesnar’s TV persona will get significant and much needed exposure in one form or another to make the “Next Big Thing” as valuable an asset as possible for whoever he faces at WM30. I don’t expect to see Lesnar at an overabundance of RAW TV’s, which has to be strategically addressed, but I do expect his ‘presence’ to be on every show in some form including spokesman Heyman representing Brock. This is also were the great work done by WWE TV production people really steps to the forefront, too.”

Speaking of Lesnar here’s a recent photo of him with Jimmy John’s founder Jimmy John Liautaud:

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  • ReallyPeople?

    what, in the fuck of all fucks, is lesnar wearing?

    • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

      pants for people with 1 meter high testicles?

      • Keelan Balderson

        “The Beast” and “The Next Big Thing” just got a whole new meaning.

      • ReallyPeople?

        he looks like peter griffin from his fishing boat days

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