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New Announce Teams, Devitt Keeping Paint? Hogan Embarrassed By TNA Work

Tom Phillips Joins SmackDown

Tom Phillips has joined the WWE SmackDown announce team alongside Michael Cole and JBL. Meanwhile Michael Cole will now also be doing Main Event alongside Byron Saxton. No word on why Phillips couldn’t do Main Event and SmackDown, but maybe Cole is being used to coach Saxton. Phillips did however say the following to

It was incredible to do that in front of the WWE Universe here in Phoenix. They are loud, they are having a blast. Sitting out there with Michael Cole and JBL, they’re pretty intense, but it was fun, man. I was a little nervous, but it was fun.

Devitt Wears Paint At NXT

Though it’s not clear whether he’ll keep the paint on television here is a recent photo from backstage at NXT, with Prince Devitt and Kevin Steen:

Hulk Hogan Embarrassed By His TNA Matches

Hulk Hogan told the Orlando Sentinel that he was embarrassed by his TNA matches because he hadn’t had his back surgery yet. He’s claiming he’s much more mobile now and obviously still angling for a match in WWE:

I watch the TNA (Wrestling) stuff and that was a nightmare. I tried to get in there. I was in the middle of the back surgeries trying to keep up. The doctors would say ‘you’ll be fine’ but to watch it now is embarrassing. Not that Vince would want this, not that Triple H would want this but I keep telling everybody that my goal, because I’m not in pain anymore, that my goal would be to get back in there, not embarrass myself if that’s possible and have that one more match. And if that works, if that really were to work I would love to contribute and participate and do some stuff because I miss it so much.

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