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Nash’s Son Has Medical Emergency? Power Ranger Still Wants Punk, Jericho’s WWE Status

Tristen Nash Has Another Incident?

In another unfortunate sign that the Nash family are having some issues with son Tristen, Kevin cancelled a weekend appearance for Maryland Championship Wrestling, citing a “medical emergency” with his son.

As previously reported both Kevin and Tristen were arrested for battery on Christmas Eve after the 18 year old allegedly came home drunk and combative and they ended up fighting.

The medical emergency was at least a day after they were released from the authorities.

Green Ranger Upset At Punk’s Snub

Amateur MMA fighter Jason David Frank – famous for being the Green Power Ranger – is upset that CM Punk snubbed his challenge to be his first UFC opponent. Speaking to Fox Sports he said:

I like CM Punk, I think he’s a great guy. I’ve been watching all of his interviews, we’ve been on tour together. I’m not sure why he says he doesn’t know me. I’ve done the Wizard World (conventions) with him and even back two years ago he was saying that ‘your fans want to see me fight’ and somebody came to his panel and said something about fighting Jason David Frank and he said ‘oh yeah, the fans are already talking about it’ and then he said ‘which color Power Ranger is he?’ so he knows who I am.

I’m hungry because I want this fight. I’ve wanted this for two years. He needs to figure it out because there’s way too much hype in this. He can continue to ignore me and he can go to bed every night and go to sleep and know that he’s been punked.

Frank is actually much more qualified than Punk to have a pro UFC fight, having already fought in 4 Amateur and 1 pro contest, and holding a Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

It may be that Dana White sees the bout as too much of a spectacle. And if Punk lost to a Power Ranger, well there goes his marketability.

Chris Jericho Only Doing House Shows?

Currently Chris Jericho is only booked to do 15 non-televised house shows for WWE through February, before going back on tour with Fozzy. While he could of course make an appearance at the Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania, Jericho has continuously stated that he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight if creative don’t have a solid plan for him.

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