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Nash Rips TNA Storyline, Impact Rating, Another New Knockout, Cornette Talks TNA

Kevin Nash Mocks TNA Investor Storyline

Kevin Nash took to Twitter to mock the recent TNA Investor storyline with MVP. He wrote:

“Watched the 1st 8mins of TNA.If its a private company how can anyone attempt a hostile takeover?Wouldn’t Dixie’s father have to be behind it… who’s booking?”

[I’ve had the exact same thoughts, but then there are major plot holes in WWE, and the original NWO storyline involving Nash was full of illogical elements. Wrestling is just lazy where logic is concerned].

Another good Impact Rating

This week’s episode of TNA Impact on Spike TV drew an average audience of 1.421 million viewers, down slightly from last week but still solid compared to the 2013 ratings.

[The show was taped from Manchester, England, in front of another large and enthusiastic crowd, which may have something to do with it. There’ something about a good crowd that makes the product 100 times more enjoyable to watch].

TNA Sign Another Knockout

Santana Garrett

As well as Alpha Female who debuted on Impact, TNA have also signed Santana Garrett to a Knockout’s contract.

She was previously the valet for Orlando Jordan.

Jim Cornette Says TNA Beyond Saving

In a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio the ever hyperbolic Jim Cornette said TNA is beyond saving:

At this point, can you f–k TNA up any more than its already f–ked up? TNA, besides an inexperienced owner, had everything that they needed. Jeff Jarrett wanted the company to succeed and he’s grown up in wrestling all his life and the problem I had with Jeff is that he’s the one who hired Vince Russo, which came to bite him in the ass. They have the television, they have the roster, they had the money behind them, yes Dixie doesn’t know s–t from apple butter about the wrestling business but she should have stayed out of it and let the people who knew what they were doing run it. The problem was that Jeff hired Russo. Russo gave them the TNA stench from the start that they have retained, they lost their chance to make a first impression which is a shame because no one will ever be that close to challenging Vince McMahon again.

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