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Nash Confirmed For RAW, Vito Files WWE Lawsuit, Punk’s MMA Trainer Speaks, Del Rio Joins Lucha

Kevin Nash On Monday’s RAW

Despite believing he may never appear for WWE again, since Kevin Nash’s battery charges have been dropped, he will now be appearing with his peers on Monday’s RAW Reunion. have added him to the RAW preview page as confirmation.

Big Vito Follows Billy Jack Haynes

Former ECW, WCW and WWE star Big Vito has followed Billy Jack Haynes, and filed an almost identical lawsuit against WWE. He was joined in a class action by former developmental wrestler “Adam Mercer,” who claims WWE downplayed head injuries he sustained at the hands of Erick Rowan and after he eas released he was found to have bleeding on the brain.

Vito claims his time wrestling in WWE has caused permanent neurological damage, including severe headaches, memory loss, depression and anxiety, as well as deafness.

While Adam Mercer was under contract during the Wellness Policy’s concussion testing, Vito was around before WWE fully acknowledged the repercussions of head trauma.

Whatever happens, they have more of a case than Billy Jack Haynes, as head trauma was a more well known issue in their time with the company.

Duke Roufus Talks Punk’s Progress

CM Punk’s MMA trainer Duke Roufus, discussed his progress in an interview with Jason Ellis.

I know a lot of people are dragging the guy down, but I gotta say he’s taking it seriously. I’m not saying he’s the best now, but the guy is very committed and it’s going to be exciting. I’ve been training him, but I don’t wanna put that video out. He’s a physical guy, when he’s done with me he will be (at a professional level). Six months to a year. It will be quality over quantity. Today was his first practice with the team actually.

I’m used to being around guys who are determined, willing people and he’s one of them. If I thought it was a joke, I wouldn’t back him. I’m into the sanctity of martial arts. He’s the most humble person in the gym. The best thing is that people who weren’t talking about mixed martial arts are now. The guy is a sponge, and is getting better every day.

Alberto El Patron Signs With Lucha Underground

“Lucha Underground” has signed AAA World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patrón it was announced today by “Lucha Underground” the new Lucha Libre wrestling franchise from Emmy Award®-winning producer Mark Burnett, United Artists Media Group, Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures. The Mexican professional wrestler and mixed martial artist competed in his first match in Los Angeles today, January 17th. “Lucha Underground” airs Wednesday nights at 8:00pm on El Rey Network and on Saturdays at 4:00 pm in Spanish on UniMás.

“We are thrilled to have Alberto El Patrón join ‘Lucha Underground’” said Executive Producer and Showrunner Eric Van Wagenen. “He is a bold and exciting luchador who delivers attitude and skill. He is a very welcome addition to our roster.”

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  • ReallyPeople?

    Ok, here is where i get upset with this concussion/head trauma issue….

    These guys knew what they were signing up for. Just like the NFL, Boxers, etc. They knew exactly what was going on, and yet they still continued to do it. I am sorry they have brain issues now, but it is nobody’s fault but their own.

    They could have refused. and then if they got fired the WOULD have a lawsuit. And if WWE punished them, then its time to get a new job. Bottom line.

    Also, WWE is not required by anyone to have the wellness policy or to do concussion testing. They do it now to prevent lawsuits, yes, but if they wanted to, they really don’t have to provide ANYTHING, because the performers outside of the legends are independent contractors.

    Again, they signed on the dotted line knowing the risks, and did it anyway. They deserve nothing. Sad, but true. Could WWE toss them some help? Sure. But as to liability and responsibility? Nope

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