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Following Nancy Benoit’s untimely death in 2007 Hustler magazine published a two page naked spread of the wrestling valet, using unreleased images from before she got in to the business. Nancy reportedly had several shoots as an aspiring model, but they were not used at the time. Hustler managed to uncover an old video and captured some stills. Here are two of the pictures.

Nancy Benoit Nude

Nancy Benoit Naked

The accompanying article reads:
“Back when Nancy was ready to take everything off for the camera, her future had yet to be written. The Nancy of yore was merely an innocent young woman seeking an opportunity to model, not a world of freakish pranks, demonic gimmicks, and insidious steroids. One can only imagine what fate would have had in store had she continued her quest to become a model…”

Understandably there was some controversy about Hustler capitalizing on Nancy’s death and her family sought damages, but the court’s ruled in favor of the magazine, who successfully argued that the photos were newsworthy, of interest to the public, and protected under the freedom of the press. Because Nancy fully intended for the images to be used at the time and signed over the rights, there was nothing her family could do. The Supreme court stood by this decision in 2012.

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