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Mysterio’s Mask Inspires Football Kit, Bret Hart In UK Clip, DDP Talks Stalker Storyline

Mexican National Soccer Team Use Mysterio Mask Design

Designers for Adidas used one of Rey Mysterio’s masks as inspiration for the Mexican national soccer team’s World Cup shirts. Football fans seem to hate it though.

Bret Hart Talks Hogan Not Accepting Him

Youtube user Ryan Smith has uploaded a video from Bret Hart’s recent appearance in Manchester, England. The Hitman gets emotional when asked about his relationship with Hulk Hogan, saying Hulk never accepted him and said he wasn’t “one of the boys”.

DDP Regrets Doing Stalker Storyline

In a recent interview with Wrestling’s Glory Days, DDP said he regretted agreeing to the storyline where he stalked the Undertaker’s wife:

I’ve already learned, walk away from the table. I learned that in WWE. If I walk away from Vince and I don’t do the stalker angle, and I go, ‘wow, good stuff, but not for me.’ If I walk out and say call me when you want to do people’s champion versus people’s champion, I wouldn’t have made it to the elevator. All I had to do was walk away from the table, but I just thought, they know what they are doing. what I learned out of that was never be afraid to walk away from the table. After that, I have never signed a contract the first time, I don’t care what it is. I don’t agree to anything the first time, let me think about it.

DDP also discussed working with David Arquette in WCW:

David Arquette is his own animal. As much heat as he ever took, for him, . all the money he made for that pay per view when he busted me over the head with the guitar and Jarrett took the World Title, the money he made, he gave to Melanie Pillman. When he pinned Bischoff, not me, and I will go on record as saying that was the biggest cluster fu*k ever! and it never should’ve happened, but it did. That being said, that was the booking committee, it was not David Arquette, and every fan that has ever roasted him should dip their own ass in boiling oil, because everyone of you that has buried David Arquette if put in the same position, you would’ve jumped through a hoop of burning oil to do the same sh*t. That’s why when everybody busts balls on that, I just want to smack someone. I’m like really, you, ‘marko mark?’ You would’ve died for that.

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