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Mysterio Injured Again? Hulk Partying Story, Jey Uso Married, Rock In TV Show

Rey Mysterio Possibly Injures Knee

According to live fan reports it’s very likely that Rey Mysterio injured his knee at the SmackDown taping. He was in a Fatal 4 Way match with Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry, and landed badly in the ring.

He then rolled out, took off his knee brace and laid down in pain.

The match will air tonight.

80s Ring Announcer Discusses Hogan’s Partying

80s WWF ring announcer Mike McGuirk recently spoke with Inside The Ropes, and discussed Hulk Hogan’s partying at the time:

Mike McGuirk

It was like living the life of a rock star. (Hulk Hogan) rented a room and there were women passed out in the bathroom. One was in the bathtub on ice. I asked about her, and they said not to worry about her, she’d be fine.

Mike also discussed how she got in to the business:

My dad (Leroy McGuirk) ran wrestling promotions in the Midwest – Tennessee, Oklahoma, etc. Vince was looking to take his product worldwide, and in order to support what was happening on television, he had to run live (shows) everywhere (across the country). Terry Garvin called my parents in 1984 and told them that Vince wanted to start running shows in our area, and asked if we had a wrestling ring. By that time, my dad was out of the business and I needed to make a living. I started that way, by just providing the ring. It started growing.

(WWE) originally had a male ring announcer from the radio. I was doing the timekeeping. They came to me and (asked me to do it). I was trying to feed two kids. No disrespect to Mel (Phillips), but I went to Vince and I sold myself as having a product that was unique at the time. There were no Divas. It was just hard work and what you could add to the show. I grew up defending this business. It’s what put the clothes on my back. I am very fortunate to be a part of that.

When I wasn’t working in front of the camera, my job was to produce the promos in the back. Vince doesn’t let you sit around. He’s always going to find something for you to do. The talent at the time wasn’t scripted; the only thing they knew is their opponent and where the show was going to be.

Jey Uso Gets Married

Both Usos are now husbands, as Jey and his long time girlfriend were married this week. Congrats to them!

jey uso married

The Rock TV Show Green-lit

The Rock and Mark Wahlberg’s planned TV show “Ballers” has been green-lit by HBO and they will begin filming later this year.

The 30 minute “dramedy” follows a group of current and retired professional football players living in Miami, Florida. The Rock stars in the show, but is also executive producer.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    shame for mysterio. unfortunality when you get injured as often as he is, he can’t keep his career going very long :/

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