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MVP Prefers New Japan, Jake Roberts Writing Book, Edge In Movie

MVP Says His Dream Was To Wrestle In Japan

In a Twitter exchange last night MVP said his dream was always to wrestle in Japan and that WWE was just one of his goals:

“Clarification for the many #FLATSCANS. Many WWE fans are oblivious to the amazing pro wrestling that takes place around the world. There are fans in Japan that don’t watch “foreign” wrestling. Just as in Mexico. WWE is a huge company and the most recognized brand. This may blow the minds of many but MY dream was to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling. WWE was a goal. I proudly accomplished both. I will always appreciate the opportunities Vince McMahon gave me. I don’t hate WWE. I love PRO WRESTLING wherever it takes place. So enjoy WWE. It’s a great product. Just don’t cheat yourself out of an opportunity to enjoy the awesome wrestling that exists globally.”

Jake Roberts Writing Trilogy of Biographies

Following Mick Foley and Chris Jericho’s lead Jake Roberts is not only working on a biography, but a total of three books. He told the Pro Wrestling Powerhouse show:

“I’ve written a book. I’ve got 600 pages into a book, actually. I just started into the WWE, so that tells you that the book is going to be pretty thick. Instead of going with a book the weighs 50 lbs, we’re going to break this into three parts…a trilogy type of thing.”

Jake also discussed the possibility of doing wrestling psychology seminars for younger talent:

“I’d love to do that, but it takes a lot of foot work…and my feet don’t move that fast anymore, man. So, that’s an idea that I’d love to do. I would love to share the knowledge that I have. You know, and it’s actually a choice and something I should be doing regardless. I’ve communicated the knowledge I have over the years and helped teach a lot of great talent that are no longer available. I’d like to be sharing what I know. I’d like an opportunity in the WWE to help their talent…I know they need it.”

Kizarny Writing Movie Starring Edge

Sinn Bodhi who had a very brief run as Kizarny in WWE is currently writing a comedy horror-action movie entitled Babies With Rabies. WWE Hall of Famer Edge is among the cast, along with Jake Roberts and many others. Check out the artwork below:

babies with rabies

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