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MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King Join Forces On IMPACT

– Eric Young calls out MVP for attacking him last week.

– Willow defeated Magnus and Bram, when Bram left Magnus to fend for himself.

– Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky, but after the match Angelina attacked.

– Kazarian defeated Crazzy Steve via disqualifcation, when the Menagarie went nuts.

– James Storm defeated Mr. Ken Anderson, when he spat beer in his face and hit the Superkick.

– X-Division Champion Sanada defeated DJ Zema and Tigre Uno.

– Gunner visits Sam Shaw in the mental home (no really).

– Bully Ray invaded Dixie Carter’s home, but was attacked by EC3 (no really).

– World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young defeated MVP by disqualifcation when Kenny King attacked him. After the bell, Bobby Lashley ran out and he too attacked Young. The night ended with MVP, Lashley, and King standing together as an apparent alliance.

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