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Mr. T Discusses HOF Induction, Rene Young In Men’s Bathroom, Cornette Shoots

Mr. T Discusses WWE Hall of Fame Announcement

Mr. T took to Twitter to show his excitement about being inducted in to this year’s WWE Hall of Fame:

Hulk Hogan will most likely be the one to induct him.

Rene Young Photographed In Men’s Bathroom

When and why we don’t know, but here’s a photo circulating of Rene Young in the men’s bathroom:

Jim Cornette Shoots All over The Place

The ever outspoken Jim Cornette took part in a Reddit AMA yesterday. Here are some highlights:

On Colt Cabana:

Colt is a fine mid-card wrestler, an average look and an oK at best promo, he was perfect for WWE and I have to assume he pissed someone off there–he was NOT a fit for ROH as we were trying to present an athletic, serious, credible style of pro wrestling and funny doesn’t draw money. We didn’t offer him a contract because he didn’t fit those plans, and he has made a big deal out of it, we never said this publicly until he made it an issue-personally, I don’t think his comedy is funny and I don’t think anyone trying to make a career in pro wrestling should make fun of it at the same time, a la his bulls–t “$5 wrestling” with the asshole who runs Highspots. I have no use for that type of horses–t.

Why Kevin Steen Hates Him:

Because I got him a raise, a contract renewal, Visa paid for, a 9 month undefeated run with the World Title and tons of TV time, even after he refused to lose weight to get the spot, so you tell me.

Dixie Carter:

I have had a lot of GREAT wrestling bosses like Watts, Dusty, Jerry Jarrett, etc–NICEST boss I ever had was Cary Silkin–I considered Jeff Jarrett my boss in TNA and Dixie was there because she had a rich Daddy, darlin’.

The Next Big Star?

If there was any justice, it would be the Briscoe Brothers, they are possibly my favorite talents inside/outside the ring, Adam Cole is a superstar, don’t want to offend anyone by mentioning more and leaving someone out.

Who Should Have Been A Star?

Matt Morgan should have been a big star, plus Nick Dinsmore, the Damaja, Doug Basham, Johnny Jeter, Mike Mondo, Rico Constantino, most of the OVW class that got screwed by bad WWE creative in 2003-2005.

Worst TV Booking Decision:

Austin hugging McMahon at WM17 that led to the collapse of the entire business.

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