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Miz Talks Main Eventing, What’s Foley Watching On Network? JR Wants To Call Mania

The Miz On How To Be Main Eventer

In a recent interview with The Miz discussed how to adapt to the main event:

You always try to find your way into that main event category. It’s a little bit of everything (to get there). It’s doing everything the WWE needs to do, and hopefully the fans catch on and say, ‘Hey, this guy works harder than anybody. This guy has the talent and the ability, whether it’s on the microphone or in the ring.

Miz also discussed working babyface and heel:

I do it because I want to entertain that audience the best that I can. I want reaction from that audience. They can boo me, they can cheer me. I don’t care which one it is. I just want that initial reaction. That’s what it’s all about, entertaining those families that are our fans.

Mick Foley Watching Eddie Guerrero On WWE Network

Mick Foley revealed in a new Facebook blog that he’s watching Eddie Guerrero’s run with Chyna on the WWE Network:

I also had the chance to revisit an old friend who is no longer with us – Eddie Guerrero. Of course, anyone who was around when Eddie wrestled remebers what an amazing in-ring performer eddie was. But with the help of the new network, I was reminded of what an incredible entertainer he was, as well. I’d forgotten how funny his segments could be, and how the slightest expression – the wide-eyed look of wonder when he “accidentally” defeated Chyna for a championship – could create such a sense of fun; a reminder to me why just so many people loved the Attitude Era above and beyond the wilder elements that usually define it.

For someone like Chyna, the WWE Network offers longtime fans a reminder of why she was such a big part of the Attitude era, and for newer fans, allows them to see past the charicature that she can often come accross as to the fans who weren’t on hand to see her blaze a trail for future Divas, by offering up not just an unlikely image of what a heroine and sex-symbol could be, but by allowing us to remember the curious study of contrasts that made her one of the shining lights of the era she helped define.

Unfortunately, Eddie’s not with us anymore. It’s unlikely that we’ll see Chyna back with the company she did so much for anytime soon. But with the WWE Network, their legacies – and the legacies of so many others – are alive and well.

Jim Ross Says He’d Call Wrestlemania Again

When asked if he’d called his last match by Fox Sports Jim Ross said he’d still be open to doing Wrestlemania:

I would love to call a match at WrestleMania. If I was being greedy, I’d love to call anything the Undertaker does at WrestleMania until he’s no longer doing it. But without sounding overly pessimistic, I just don’t see that happening. I hope I’m wrong. I’m ready to go do it. But I do think somewhere along the way, I’m gonna broadcast something.

[I don’t see why WWE can’t bring Ross back for that extra special feel for events like Wrestlemania, especially when so many of the wrestlers dream of him calling their match. I still can’t reconcile why WWE retired him for the WWE video game panel – it reallllly wasn’t that bad, and in no way harmed the company. People want reality in their media, it’s the era of the podcast where real conversations rule, not short and scripted corporate nonsense. Everybody but WWE management loved that panel].

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