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Mickie and Magnus Welcome Child, TNA TV Update, Mathews Signs With TNA, Wrestle-1 Friction

Mickie James and Magnus Welcome Baby Son

Congrats to Mickie James and Magnus, who are now the parents of a baby son – Donovan Patrick Aldis.

Impact Moving To WGN?

One Network that is reportedly in talks with TNA about broadcasting Impact is WGN America, the former home of WWE Superstars. Jason Hervey of Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment (who still produce Impact) may have teased this on Twitter:

Josh Mathews Officially With TNA

Former WWE announcer Josh Mathews is now officially with TNA. It’s not clear when he’ll debut on camera, but here he is outside of TNA’s HQ in Nashville:

TNA Wrestle-1 Friction

There is said to be friction between TNA and Wrestle-1 over Bound for Glory, even down to the card. Wrestle-1 were given the rights to handle everything on their end, including promotion and filming, while TNA are simply paying for their talent.

Wrestle-1’s Jimmy Suzuki noted on Twitter that their camp do not want a Knockout’s match:

“We have too many good cards and having difficulty make it less than 10… Sorry but I don’t think there will be a room for girls this time.”

“We don’t want 5 min matches . We want to show good solid wrestling as a speciality of Japanese wrestling organization”

“Best match I have seen in TNA is Joe vs AJ vs Daniels. I wanna see something like that at BFG.”

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  • justice

    No knockouts match at BFG!?!..clearly wrestle-1 does not understand TNA!

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