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Mickie James Shoot Preview, Devon Calls Cena Extreme, DDP Calls Out Nancy Grace

Mickie James Talks Upsetting Vince have released a new Mickie James shoot interview. In the preview below she discusses upsetting Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 22:

WWE Catches Up With Devon Dudley has published an interview by Bill Apter with Devon Dudley. The ECW original gave his thoughts on who he thinks is “extreme” within the current product:

Daniel Bryan, for one. Most people wouldn’t put him in that category because he is such a technician in the ring, but I can see him getting down and dirty. Sheamus could be in that category as well. Put Randy Orton there, too. We beat the hell out of each other many times. I know a lot of people cheer him and a lot boo him, but I would put John Cena on that list as well. I had many brawls with him when I was in WWE and he was working himself up in the ranks.

DDP Calls Nancy Grace The C Word

DDP had a short chat with Sam Roberts yesterday, discussing the promotion of his Yoga program. He called Nancy Grace the C word for swerving him during her Ultimate Warrior coverage:

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