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Mickie James Confirms No Longer Under TNA Contract

Mickie James TNA contractFormer TNA Knockout’s Champion Mickie James is effectively a free agent as her contract has expired and there is no indication that she’s re-signing. The 34 year old veteran agreed to a three year deal in September 2010. It’s possible a new deal could still be worked out, but as of now she’s gone.

“I’m not technically under contract with them right now,” she told the website.

James was the highest paid female talent on the roster, which worked against her in TNA’s current financial situation. Tara, who also got a good contract off the back of her WWE tenure was released in July, and several other wrestlers were released or did not get their contracts renewed this year.

Word is that TNA are pressuring everybody with a contract expiring to sign much lower paid deals or call it quits. Like Mr. Anderson who is in a similar situation, Mickie was written out of storylines recently while the company offered her a poorer contract.

The 3 time Knockout’s Champion has been displaying some great work lately as a heel egomaniac, so it would be a shame to see her career fade out on the independent scene. Judging from her final chapter in WWE as “piggy James” and their focus on the newer women, it doesn’t look like she’ll be welcomed back to the big league.

Back in July she spoke with Simon Cassidy of Wrestle Shark Radio about other recent female departures …

“The company as a whole is going through a bit of a change right now. It’s always very sad to see your friends and colleagues go, it’s kind of bitter sweet because you know you’re going to run into each other somewhere down the road. Just because they were such a staple of the locker-room for so long and to still be so over, with so much left to offer so to see them go…I just hope…although you always know it means there’s going to be a bit of change and some new faces will perhaps start coming in, I just hope those fresh faces can hold a candle to the girls they are replacing. Those are some rather large shoes to fill.”

In Mickie’s most recent interview with the UK’s Wrestle Talk TV she made not mention of her TNA situation. In part one Mickie discusses how her passion for wrestling prompted her to get in to the business, with Macho Man and Sensational Sherri her particular favorites as a child.

On the WWE front James said she had “at least 20 tryouts” before getting signed and being sent to developmental for three years, and although it was frustrating, her feud with Trish Stratus made up for it all. She said Trish’s Hall of Fame speech where she credited the other women from her era “showed what a genuine person she is.”

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