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Mick Foley No Longer Angry, Ziggler’s Contract, Bad News For UK WWE Network?

Mick Foley Changes Tune On Bryan Situation

In a further sign that Mick Foley is playing up to the YES Movement storyline, the Hardcore Legend says he’s no longer angry, and thinks history might be made at Elimination Chamber:

A couple of days ago I mentioned in one of my posts that I was about 1/6 as excited about Wrestlemania as I was prior to the Royal Rumble PPV. I think we were all a little down that night. Well, the enthusiasm is returning – maybe not up to 100% yet – but somewhere in the halfway range. I am no longer thinking of selling my tickets, or canceling my flights and I am looking forward to being part of the biggest week of the year in our business. I might even serve in some type of official capacity for WWE – maybe even my own show somewhere during that week. But I don’t think it’s possible to overstate just how important it is that WWE come up HUGE on this elimination chamber PPV. I am doing a show in Minneapolis the night before the The Chamber and I intend to stick around for the PPV, even if I’m not a part of it – just because I get the feeling history might be made. For the sake of Mania, I think it NEEDS to be made.

Earlier this week Foley drew publicity to the storyline when he smashed his TV with a bat.

Dolph Ziggler’s Contract Status

In light of the CM Punk controversy Dolph Ziggler reassured fans he’s not going anywhere:

“Keep voicing your opinions @WWEUniverse but please stop asking me if I’m going to quit, it’s annoying, I still have a year left.”

UK Won’t Get PPVs On WWE Network?

WWE NetworkBSkyB have renewed their exclusive UK and Ireland broadcasting deal with the WWE until 2019, and have announced that all 12 PPVs will now be on Sky Box Office. If WWE decide to limit the Network for UK audiences (restricting PPV access only to Sky Box Office), this could actually mean fans will have to pay more for WWE than they already do.

Previously some PPVs would air for free on Sky Sports.

WWE hopes to launch the Network in the UK by 2015.

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