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Meaning of Devitt’s New Name, Darren Young’s New Look, Bryan Tops PWI, Hulk’s Dress Code

What Does Finn Balor Mean?

Prince Devitt’s new WWE name Finn Balor is not just a random WWE concoction, it actually means Prince/Warrior of Death. It’s drawn from mythical Irish warrior Finn McCool, and Balor was the God of Death in Irish folklore.

Darren Young’s Comeback

Darren Young has shared a “comeback” video, which sees him sporting a slightly different look. That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how he’ll look when he returns. As previously noted at one point he was supposed to be revealed as the Bunny and continue feuding with Titus.

Bryan Tops Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Daniel Bryan topped this year’s Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 top wrestlers in the world. Here’s the next 10 in the rankings:

Randy Orton
John Cena
AJ Styles
Kazuchika Okada
Bray Wyatt
Roman Reigns
Adam Cole
Bully Ray

Hogan’s Restaurant Dress Code

In a review by earlier this week Hulk Hogan’s Beach restaurant/club was taken to task for a bizarre dress code, that basically excluded everything, including dorags/bandannas brotherrrr. In other words only smart dress is allowed. What’s funny is right at the bottom it says “This is beach party and beach attire is required!”

Some outlets have played the race card with this, because of course all black people wear dorags and baggy white t-shirts right?

Either way the publicity has caused Hogan to change the dress code.

TMZ reports:

We talked to Hulk about the sign posted at Hogan’s Beach … barring anyone who wears excessively baggy attire, low-hanging pants, do-rags, bandanas, oversized or excessive jewelry — all stuff popular with the urban crowd.

Hulk — who doesn’t own the eatery but licenses his name to it — tells us he called the restaurant’s managers personally … and demanded the sign be taken down — permanently … and they agreed.

Hogan says the dress code was modeled after ones used at Las Vegas and Miami pool parties — He says it was never meant to be racist, but understands some people take it that way … so he 86’d it.

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  • justice

    I don’t think Hogans drss code was rascist (Because all black people DO NOT dress like that anyway) But it was ridiculous that it had all these, no,no,no statements; and then wraps it up with…this is a beach party! Really? this is gonna be one dull beach party then!

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