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McIntyre Gets Stitches, Another WWE Name Change, Foley On The Fake Question

Drew McIntyre Gets Stitches After Main Event

Drew McIntyre required stitches after his match with Big E on this week’s Main Event. The 3MB member Tweeted: “This isn’t ballet people.”

Drew McIntyre stitches

Here’s what went down on Main Event:

– The Wyatt Family def. Sin Cara & Los Matadores, when Bray hit Sister Abigail on Sin Cara.

– Natalya def. Aksana, with the Sharpshooter.

– Big E def. Drew McIntyre, with the Big Ending. Afterwards Mahal challenged Big E to another match.

– Big E def. Jinder Mahal.

Langston Dropped From Big E

As seen on the Main Event broadcast Big E. Langston is now simply going by Big E. He joins Antonio Cesaro who now just goes by Cesaro. is being updated to reflect these name changes.

It’s not clear why this decision was made, but it’s been suggested that it’ll make them more marketable to fans.

[It’s not a massive deal, I think with Big E. it could be quite a positive move, but I always find when names are shortened it makes things feel phony. What is a Cesaro? Why is this guy just using his last name? It’s one thing to have a nickname that goes with a character, which eventually takes over as their primary name. The Rock for example, which developed from Rocky Miavia, or even Triple H from Hunter Hearst Helmsley. But why Cesaro? It makes him seem like a character rather than a real person.]

Mick Foley On Being Asked The Fake Question

In a recent interview with Mick Foley discussed how he reacts when people ask him if wrestling is fake:

There is nothing worse than sitting on a plane for six hours next to someone whose first question to you was, ‘Is wrestling fake?’ You know you are not going to have a pleasant experience. I would never think of sitting down next to somebody and insulting what they do for a living. My general answer is, I say, ‘Every bit of it is fake,’ and then they say, ‘Every bit of it?’ Then I get people starting to come on my side and saying they know that some of that was real. That’s something I learned from Owen Hart. Just say ‘yes, every bit of it is fake.

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