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Masters Dresses As Warrior, WWE May Lose Tax Break, Steph’s University Speech

Chris Masters Wrestles Match In Warrior Gimmick

Former WWE star Chris Masters honored the Ultimate Warrior by doing a whole match in the Warrior gimmick on Friday. He was working the Preston City Wrestling event in England.

WWE May Lose North Carolina Tax Break

WWE could potentially lose a tax break in North Carolina that’s applied to TV and film productions. The Charlotte Observer notes:

When World Wrestling Entertainment staged matches in cities across North Carolina in 2010 and 2011, millions across the country watched on TV as the high-flying, muscle-bound stars body-slammed each other.

Taxpayers in North Carolina played a part, too. They subsidized the broadcasts with $570,000 in tax credits, based on more than $2.3 million in in-state spending, from a program that rewards television and movie projects filmed in the state.

Lawmakers will be debating the program by the end of 2014.

Watch Stephanie McMahon’s Speech To Sacred Heart University

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  • MercuryIsGod

    Chris Masters publicly ridiculed Warrior in 2008. Why honour someone that you dislike? Was there ever peace between them? I never read about it.

    • Mickey

      Warrior buried a lot of hatches near the end of his life, which may have earned a lot of respect from Masters.

      • MercuryIsGod

        It is possible, but his issues never really seemed to be that. Apparently, Warrior did not treat him – and some other workers – with the respect that they think that they deserved when they wrestled on the same card for one night only.

        I was not there, so I cannot tell you much.

        What I know, though, is that there are always at least two sides to every story like that, and Warrior is not here to tell us anything.

        It was a nice gesture, but after seeing Chris perform “as the Ultimate Warrior,” if I may say it like that, it really showed me just how big Jim Hellwig/Warrior really was – even at his smallest after he stopped taking steroids.

        Characters like The Ultimate Warrior are one in a billion, just like Macho Man.

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