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How Many WWE Network Subscribers? Regal On Austin Podcast, Ref Talks CM Punk Situation

Estimated Number Of WWE Network Sign-Ups

When signing up for the WWE Network on Monday, the number of subscribers was revealed in the confirmation email through an order number. Fans on social media figured that when this stat was taken off the email template at about 4pm EST, there were at least 130,000 sign-ups.

WWE are aiming for 1 million subscribers within the year to break even.

Chris Harrington collected a lot of the data on his blog.

William Regal On The Steve Austin Show

William Regal is the latest wrestling guest on Steve Austin’s podcast. You can listen to the interview below:

Former Referee Discusses CM Punk Situation

Former WWE Official Wes Adams, has published a new column at Adams goes in-depth and talks about the issues with CM Punk and WWE. Adams says it was good for Punk walking out on WWE if he wasn’t happy about his WrestleMania role. Adams also talks about his time on the road with CM Punk and more. Here is an excerpt from his article:

My very first road trip to California occurred in summer of 2007 and I needless to say, pretty nervous. I had just started in developmental in February and after just a few months of it, got my first shot on the road. I had no idea what to do on the road! Do I go out? Do I stay in my room? Sounds silly but it’s true. So as I was checking into the hotel I walked out and a car pulled up next to me. Inside was Punk and Hornswoggle. “Hey you’re the new ref, right? Wanna go to the gym with us?” To say that I was just amazed was an understatement and needless to say, to the gym I went. After the workout we all went to a hibachi grill and sat and talked independent wrestling after for a few hours. We told stories about our backgrounds and how we all broke in. We talked about our influences in the business, and different aspects of the business. And over the course of the evening, these two popular WWE superstars became my friends.

If Punk wasn’t happy with where he was heading on the card of this year’s Mania and he decided to go home, good for him! If he was questioning payoffs, GREAT! Somebody should! I know from personal experience (not even wrestling related) that a human being can only take so much. We all have a breaking point, whether we can admit it to ourselves or not. We can only take so much bs politics, games, double talk, mixed signals, and backstabbing before we just can’t take it anymore. It gets to a point where it doesn’t matter how much money is in your bank account because your piece of mind is worth way more. I hope Punk didn’t get that far. I hope he got out before he hit the breaking point.

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