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Mania Intro Teaser, HOF Ring, Cena On Retirement, Bryan’s Health, JR Praises NXT, Reigns On Twitter Bullies, Why WWE Hate Goldberg

Wrestlemania Intro Clip

WWE have shared a teaser for the intro to Wrestlemania tomorrow. It features music star LL Cool J:

Cena Will Never Retire

John Cena told Digital Spy that he loves his job when asked about retirement:

The long and short of it is I really like my job. Everyone always asks the question, ‘How do you do it?’. I love working. You’ll hear everybody say that, but I prove it. I’m not saying that to condescend anybody else’s opinion, I’m saying it because I love it, truly. I want to be in this industry as long as I can, and I’m going to. When I’m a step slower than I should be and I shouldn’t be out there, I’m not gonna be out there. That’ll be very, very relevant to the entire audience – as you know they’re very vocal. When it’s time to go it’ll be time to go.

If the chairman was sitting here you could say, ‘Hey man, you took it from territory to nationwide and then you took it global. You started pay-per-views, you developed the WWE Network, you pretty much put everybody else out of business, what’s next for you?’ He doesn’t have a stopping goal. We can always go some place else. I really, really want the WWE to be able to perform on a regular basis in China. I think we should be able go to India on a regular basis. I’m not the person who’s booking Live Events, but whatever I can do to push that message forwards and help those things happen. WrestleMania is at Levi’s Stadium. We should do every show in a stadium! And then we should build a bigger stadium. That’s what’s great about WWE. We’re always extending families, there’s always another story to tell, it’s never essentially over. You can tell I still have passion for this. I really love it and we’ll see what’s next when we see what’s next.

Hall of Fame Ring Photo

Here’s what this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ring looks like. Each inductee will get their own.

This year’s ceremony is just kicking off on the WWE Network.

Daniel Bryan’s Recovery

Daniel Bryan discussed his recovery in an interview with

I actually feel real good. The only time I’ve had any setbacks was that match against Luke Harper. That was the only time I had some stuff going down my arm. Mentally when I came back I thought, “I’m not going to do any of this stuff. I need to wrestle an easier style.

So I started going to see this guy Greg Roskopf in Denver. He founded this thing called Muscle Activation Techniques. Carson Palmer, a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals who was having a horrible shoulder problem, went there and had great success with the treatment. He could barely even pick up a football at the beginning of the season. Then, all of a sudden, after this treatment he’s the starting quarterback.

I was debating having a Hail Mary surgery on my elbow but my naturopath said “Before you schedule your surgery do you want me to see if you can get in with this guy?” I jumped at the chance.

The treatment was two straight hours of relatively painful stuff, but all of a sudden my strength was back. That had happened before, but in the past, when it came back, it only lasted 30 minutes or an hour. When Roskopf worked on me it came back for five days. I’ve only had two treatments and my strength has held up all the way till now. The last time I saw him was in November, so my strength has been holding up for months. And he said if it ever goes down to come see him again.

I can’t describe why it works — I’m not a therapist. But when he started he said, “If I can help you, I’ll let you know.” Then he started working on me and said, “Yes, I can help you.”

JR Praises Charlotte & Sasha

Jim Ross who was ringside at yesterday’s NXT house show had the following to say about some of the matches:

Say It To Roman’s Face

In a quick clip for Buzzer, Roman Reigns told the Twitter haters to say it to his face:

In a more in depth interview he sat down with Paul Heyman and Michelle Beadle for Grantland:

Goldberg on WWE’s Animosity

Bill Goldberg told Sporting News that he thinks Vince McMahon and Triple H have never liked him because of his quick success and business orientated attitude:

I think there’s great disdain for me because I wasn’t one of their boys because I didn’t want to play there game because I felt like I was part of the team and all I needed to do was come in and play my part and I didn’t have to fraternize and just play that game. I came from the NFL. I wanted to treat this as a business and I’m going to come in, so my thing and leave. I didn’t take things personally until they brought it to a personal level. I think that was cheesy and I think its carnish. It’s like being a carny. I just chose not to deal with it because life’s too short. I don’t want to have to look over my shoulder for my boss. That’s ridiculous, I’m 48 years old. I’m not a kid. I don’t need to crawl back to anybody for anything. I’ll dig a ditch before I do that. I had a lot of fun digging ditches.

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