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Mae Young Needing Oxygen, Flair’s 49ers Pep Talk, Batista Scouted Titus O’Neil, Kofi Given A Sword

Mae Young’s Kidney Shutting Down

Wrestling legend Mae Young now needs the assistance of an oxygen machine to breathe properly according to Mike Mooneyham’s column. The report also states that one of Mae’s kidneys is shutting down.

The 90 year old was recently hospitalized after a fall and is now in hospice care.

Our thoughts go out to Mae and her family.

Ric Flair Gives Pep Talk To San Francisco 49ers

Ric Flair was invited over the weekend to give a pep talk to the San Francisco 49ers. Here are the videos from WWE and wide receiver Kassim Osgood’s Instagram:

Batista Got Titus In To Wrestling

Titus O’Neil revealed in a recent interview with that it was Batista who persuaded him to get in to wrestling:

“I used to be, like, ‘No, I’m not doing it. I’m going into coaching; that’s what I want to do’. Dave, who’s probably one of my best friends, was, like, ‘But I really think you’d do well in it. You have the size and the charisma and the athleticism to do it.’ But I just kept saying, ‘No, I don’t think it’s for me.’

“It was really just blind faith based on what Dave had been telling me, but I walked in and had about a 15-minute conversation with (trainer and former WWE wrestler) Steve Keirn about wrestling and trying out and stuff like that.Visit Wrestling Inc. It was only about 15 minutes after I finished talking to him and left that the WWE called me and said they wanted me to try out. They had a show that day, so I went and picked my kids up from school, and I asked them if they wanted to go to a wrestling match. The next thing you know, two weeks after that, Daddy’s wrestling for the WWE.”

Speaking of Batista Yahoo Movies named him #10 on their list of 15 Breakout Stars to watch in 2014:

“Don’t let his pre-Hollywood résumé full of professional wrestling, mixed martial arts, and bodybuilding fool you, Bautista is a gentle giant who was practically made to play the role of the vengence-seeking Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s next big thing, “The Guardians of the Galaxy.””

Batista responded on Twitter:
“Just dawned on me that everyone else on the list is 50 years younger than me. Just proof that its never to late to sack up and chase dreams.”

Kofi Kingston Presented With A Sword

Kofi Kingston was presented with a sword by the Saudi Sports Network while touring the country:

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