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Lots of Mania Hype Interviews, Russo Shoots On RAW, Steph’s Twitter Philosophy, GFW Update

WWE Stars In Candid Radio Interviews

107.9 The End interviewed a whole bunch of WWE stars to promote Wrestlemania. Check them out below:

Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose

Daniel Bryan

Bray Wyatt

Russo Says Vince Has Lost It

Vince Russo was highly critical of last night’s final RAW before Wrestlemania:

Why Steph Tweets Out of Character

In a recent interview with Stephanie McMahon dryly explains why she Tweets out of character:

You’re exactly right. I play a character on TV—that’s my persona, that’s the villain personality. Stephanie McMahon, one half of The Authority.

In real life I’m very different than that! I am chief brand officer of WWE. I am a mom of three beautiful daughters. You know, I just I wear a lot of hats.

It’s interesting because when we first launched social for me, we weren’t sure what voice I should be using. In the beginning, I used a combination of my character voice and my personal voice, and we found it didn’t work. We found it confused the audience. So we strategically decided to put it in my personal voice. And that’s what we’ve been doing for some time now, and it’s been successful. We’ve had a large number of engagements.

When I would try to put out something positive, it wasn’t received well because some people wanted to engage with me in my character. But it was a much smaller group that fans that wanted my character versus the bigger opportunity, which again is why it was a strategic decision for me to be in my personal voice.

GFW’s First Show

A new promo video suggests GFW’s first show will take place this Summer in Las Vegas.

Last word was that there was no serious interest from TV networks.

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