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Lesnar’s Contract Could Ruin Mania, Ryback Thanks Fans For Booing Reigns, Great RAW Rating

Brock Lesnar’s Contract Is Expiring At Mania

Although the negative reaction to Roman Reigns could potentially make for a pretty strange Wrestlemania main event, with fans booing the guy who’s supposed to be the fan favourite, Brock Lesnar’s contractual status could also play a factor.

His deal expires shortly after Wrestlemania, meaning the company (and likely the fans by that point) will know if he’s staying or leaving. Both Bellator and UFC have sent out feelers, and he clearly has options, even if just to leverage a better WWE deal.

However if we catch wind that he’s done, this would further cement Roman’s victory. As seen with the Rumble reaction, knowing almost for certain that he’s going to win could backfire.

The crowd could potentially also turn on Lesnar like they did at Wrestlemania 20 when he faced Goldberg. They knew he was leaving so he got the “Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodbye” chants. That could work in Reigns’ favor, in that the fans decide “screw Lesnar he’s leaving,” but it could also overshadow a Reigns victory by having the fans focus on Lesnar.

Whatever happens if the fans don’t come around, this won’t go smoothly.

VIDEO: Ryback Talks to Fans After Rumble

Here is a video of Ryback leaving the Royal Rumble and talking to fans. Interestingly he thanks them for booing Roman Reigns, though judging from some reports he may have just been playing it cool so he didn’t get blocked in or his car attacked with a chair like the poor Usos did.

Best RAW Rating Since Summer

It seems the novelty of the live arena RAW being cancelled, the fallout from the Royal Rumble, and the free PPV matches, helped the show draw the biggest rating since the Summer. There was an average of 4.42 million viewers.

Perhaps they might learn something from the presentation. The stare down between Reigns and Lesnar was the best Reigns has looked … ever, and the realistic sit down interviews were a fresh break from the typical “wrestling promo.”

WWE often forgets that characters have to be built before they can stand in the ring and shout catchphrases (or nursery rhymes) that the fans care about.

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