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Lesnar At RAW? DeMott Makes Comment, Mysterio At House of Hardcore, Bushwhackers Update

RAW Preview

Brock Lesnar is still be advertised locally for RAW from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA. If he no-shows, WWE are likely to consider suing him for breach of contract. Last word was that Vince DOESN’T think he’ll ruin Wrestlemania. are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s show:

– How will Brock Lesnar deal with Roman Reigns?

– What is Bray Wyatt planning for The Undertaker?

– Will Rusev accept Curtis Axel’s challenge?

– Will John Cena get a WrestleMania match?

– How will Triple H assert his control over WWE?

DeMott Thanks Family and Friends

Recently disgraced WWE trainer Bill DeMott took to Twitter over the weekend to thank his friends and family for their support after stepping down:

Jim Ross gave an “old school” perspective on the situation, in his latest blog:

Some people who have never been that involved in organized sports often times take stereotypical locker room talk or hard coaching in a negative way when that technique of motivating athletes to become their best was the norm in the past. I vividly remember some ‘lectures’ that I received from my late father after arriving home on a Friday night after high school football games in which I played. This whole matter of the allegations against DeMott somewhat reminds me of how Adrian Peterson disciplined his child by using a switch on the child that got AD in major trouble. Obviously, times have changed because my Mom & Dad would both have gotten in big time trouble if spanking or using a switch on their only child was treated as it is today. I’m not condoning child abuse in any form whatsoever but one has to wonder just what is the proper method to discipline children in today’s society? One thing I know is that most parents who want to be their children’s best pal often times regret that philosophy later in life. But I digress.

Let me make this clear, I do not condone abusing any one in any ‘arena’ of life whatsoever but in challenging endeavors such as WWE, NFL, etc where mental and physical toughness are required, it seems to continue to be increasingly challenging to train potential talents in a manner that today’ s society accepts similar to the Adrian Peterson situation which I can identify with wholeheartedly. I even had to go pick my own switch to be disciplined with back in the day. I’m a huge Adrian Peterson fan but AD, not AP, please, has to learn to discipline his children when they need it in another more acceptable manner that’s seen as OK in today’s world.

If the goal was for some of the disgruntled ‘whistle blowers’ or “victims” was to get DeMott replaced, then they succeeded and now let’s see where else it goes as the next shoe to drop may indicate the true motive of the accusers. This I do know, Bill DeMott was a hard working, die hard wrestling guy whose track record of developing talents is hard to ignore. Was he tough and demanding? Absolutely he was but that doesn’t necessarily make him the person that some are attempting to make him out to be. He was in a role that brings with it naturally a level of angst and controversy at times especially from talents who do not get “live their dream” when all is said and done.

Mysterio Surprises Fans at HOH

Rey Mysterio made a surprise appearance at last night’s House of Hardcore event, clearing the ring of EC3 and Eric Young:

Johnny Ace Inducting Bushwhackers

John Laurinaitis is expected to induct the Bushwhackers in to this year’s Hall of Fame. He actually got his start in wrestling as their manager when they were the Sheepherders in Florida.

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