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Did Lesnar Blade? EMMA On Lack of Push, Sting Post-RAW Video, RAW Sound Edited

WWE Drops Anti-Blading Rule?

It would appear WWE dropped the no blading rule for Wrestlemania, as a gif seems to show the ref handing Roman Reigns a blade to give to Lesnar for the ring-post spot:

Lesnar was cut twice in the match, so it’s possible the first (when they were brawling) was legit.

EMMA Jokes About Diva’s Search

See Sting Drop Bo Dallas

WWE have now shared the WWE Network clip of Sting’s post-RAW interview and run-in with Bo Dallas:

Crowd Noise Turned Down

It’s believed WWE turned down the crowd noise during the Divas match last night because fans started chanting “You Suck Cena” to Nikki and “Brie Sucks Bryan” to Brie. There seemed to be noise tampering throughout the show.

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