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Lei’D Tapa Leaves TNA, Roode On When He’ll Retire, IMPACT: Magnus Beats Joe, Beautiful People Reunite

Lei’D Tapa Officially Done With TNA

By all accounts Lei’D Tapa is officially done with TNA following a storyline loss last night to Gail Kim in a loser leaves match. Alpha Female looks like she’ll be filling the Awesome Kong void that Tapa was supposed to be filling.

How Long Does Bobby Roode Have Left?

In a recent interview with What Culture Bobby Roode was asked how long he plans on wrestling. The 37 year old said:

Right now, physically, I feel good. I think I have a lot of years left to serve here, a lot of great years left. So long as I am able to go out there and produce great matches and keep the fans intrigued, and stay healthy, I think I have a lot of years left. Once I’m physically unable to do this any more, I’d like to stay in some sort of role where I can help guys get to certain points in their careers. But for right now, obviously the most important thing for me is my career and to continually get better, and to re-iterate the other question you just asked me, to once again become the World Heavyweight Champion and be the top guy in this company.

How confident are you that you’ll get another reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

Oh, I’m very confident that I can get that opportunity again. I think I’ve proven myself significantly from the first time I had the World title, becoming the longest reigning champion in the company’s history. You know, there will come a time when I get another opportunity to become champion and I’m going to make the best of that opportunity and hopefully, if I have it my way, it’ll be a bigger, better, longer reign than the first one.

Do you feel that blood still has a place in wrestling in this day and age, or is it something that sets TNA apart from WWE?

I don’t know if blood separates us from WWE, I mean, there’s a time when it calls for it in certain situations. You talk about James and I, our rivalry lasted almost a year and a half, so you know, things happen in matches and obviously there’s a lot of hatred there, so to answer your question, I don’t think blood separates TNA wrestling from the WWE, no.

March 20, 2014, TNA IMPACT Results

– The show opened with Abyss and Eric Young brawling.

– Ethan Carter III defeated Bobby Lashley via disqualification when Willow attacked.

– Gunner’s tribute to his Dad is ruined by James Storm. A fight breaks out that ends with Storm handcuffing Gunner to the ring ropes, forcing Gunner to watch as he broke a beer bottle over his father’s head.

– Gail Kim defeated Lei’d Tapa, forcing her to leave TNA

– Velvet Sky accepted Angelina Love’s invitation to reform the Beautiful People. Madison Rayne was given the same offer, but turned it down.

– World Tag Team Champions The Bromans defeated the team of Tigre Uno/Sanada and The Wolves in a Triple Threat Match.

– Angelina Love confronts Madison Rayne backstage.

– Knux goes home to see his family.

– Bully Ray meets with Dixie Carter in Nashville, but is jumped by Bobby Roode.

– World Heavyweight Champion Magnus defeated Samoa Joe, after Abyss hit Joe with a chair.

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