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Legends Talk Lita’s Induction, Announcers Mock Punk Chants, Santino In WWE Movie

JR and Dory Funk Talk Lita’s HOF Induction

Both Jim Ross and Dory Funk Jr. discussed Lita’s Hall of Fame induction on their blogs. Funk who was one of Lita’s trainers described how tough it was on her:

Lita was in the First Funking Conservatory training camp. She was the only girl in camp with 15 other men. Nothing was easy. She earned their respect by working hard and asking no privileges because she was a girl. After a double training session on the first day of training, she was up the next morning at 5:00am for a photo shoot with !BANG! TV producer and photographer Marti Funk on the Rainbow River. Lita came directly from the two hour photo shoot to training in the gym at 8:00am.

JR wrote:

Very proud of Amy Dumas aka Lita who will be inducted in the WWE HOF class of 2014 in NOLA the night before WM30. I had heard this info leaded from WWE a couple of weeks ago but did not want to contribute to spoiling the surprise. I did vividly remember meeting Amy in my Stamford office years ago when she came in for a job interview. She had been bold and brave enough to live alone in Mexico to train and develop a different skill set from other females and she eventually became one of WWE’s biggest stars, male or female, during my time in talent relations. There;s a funny story about her less than dainty shoulder tattoo that played into her job interview that I tell on our RINGSIDE shows.

Cole and JBL Mock CM Punk Chants

Audio of Michael Cole and JBL mocking CM Punk chants before RAW went live was leaked online, but WWE have since had the video removed.

Cole said “well, there you go, that’s gonna drown out soon. How about, go away, go away?” Either JBL or Lawler then chanted “go away.”

Also the Shield once again cut a promo on Punk, and this time it aired on the App. During the Dean Ambrose vs Mark Henry commercial break, fans were chanting for Punk and Seth Rollins got on the mic and said: “CM who?”

[As I’ve said before, WWE need to make up their mind because they have no right to remove signs or bitch about chants, if they’re actually responding and encouraging them. They could at least release statement explaining the situation.]

Santino In Jingle All the Way 2

WWE Studios will be filming a sequel to Christmas family film Jingle All the Way, featuring Santino and Larry The Cable Guy. They also announced The Marine 4, with The Miz and Summer Rae:

STAMFORD, Conn./LOS ANGELES – WWE Studios and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment today announced the next two films that will begin production as part of their continued collaboration. This March, cameras will start rolling on “Jingle All the Way 2,” the sequel to the 1996 hit comedy “Jingle All the Way.” Starring Larry the Cable Guy (“Tooth Fairy 2,” “Cars”) and featuring WWE Superstar Santino Marella, the film is directed by Alex Zamm (“Tooth Fairy 2,” “Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts”) and will release this 2014 holiday season.

Also announced is the fourth installment of “The Marine” franchise, the eighth collaboration between WWE Studios and 20th Century Fox including the theatrical releases of “The Marine” and “12 Rounds.” Shooting this April, “The Marine 4” will star WWE Superstar The Miz, who will be the first WWE Superstar to reprise his role in “The Marine” franchise, and will also feature Summer Rae, the first WWE Diva to be featured in a WWE Studios production.

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  • Jeff Styles

    Why would they have “no right”? Any prodcaster has a right to tell their audience to be silent etc etc if they want to, if they dont wish to relay anything to home audience.

    This has been the case in politics, sports in racism etc etc.. WWE has the right

    • Keelan Balderson

      Ok let’s be clear, obviously WWE has the right to do what they want with their show. They can call the fans morons, they can dance in the ring for 3 hours instead of wrestling.

      However in the context of professional wrestling I think they’re being pricks. Cutting promos about CM Punk, to rile up the crowd, while simultaneously bitching about that riled up crowd and in some cases removing signs etc, is just a dick move. And it’s counter-intuitive. They need to make up their mind what they want.

      Everything they’re doing right now is just riling people up more. I can certainly see why some people think it’s a work.

      The smart thing to do would have been to make a public statement, fully explaining the situation and then ignore everything going forward.

      Instead they try to erase him without informing the fans what’s going on, and then rile them up like its an storyline.

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