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Leaked Footage Shows Daniel Bryan Rehearsing His RAW Interview: How Did It Happen?

So called “leaked” footage has emerged today showing a rehearsal of Daniel Bryan’s interview with Renee Young from the snow-storm episode of RAW.

At the end of the clip Bryan is told by one of the creative members (possibly Ryan Ward) to not say “pro wrestler,” which was written on one of the earlier scripts. The writer then says he had revised it with WWE lingo. The correct term is WWE Superstar.

During the conversation Bryan asks whether he was too harsh on Roman Reigns, but the writer says it was fine.

It’s not clear how this footage got out but there are a number of possibilities. In the confusion of the day WWE could have sent the wrong version of the show to one of their networks and this may have actually aired on TV in some markets. There does seem to be a commercial that plays after the clip, and it’s believed to be from Universal HD. Likewise the same scenario could have happened but somebody from the network leaked it out, while airing the proper version to the masses when WWE realised the error.

As part of the editing and broadcasting process WWE also often send bits of the show via satellite feed unedited. This can be picked up or “hacked” by people with the right equipment. Several unedited clips and full shows have been leaked online over the years because of hijacking the feed. These often include the footage filmed during breaks and the announcers speaking when they’re supposed to be off air.

In fact it was common several years back for people to own what are called “C-Band satellite dishes” that could pick up shows in their unedited format as the feed was sent to networks and affiliates. Very old satellite dishes could do this and it used to be common for SmackDown to be picked up unedited when the company would send over the show to UPN, and it’s also happened in more recent years for both RAW and SmackDown. Anyone who has one of these dishes and is in the area of a show can pick it up.

For those so inclined, the audio of Owen Hart’s fall at Over The Edge 1999 was captured by a C-Band receiver. You hear the thud and the announcers reacting.

Here is a Lilian botch from the satellite feed during RAW:

Here’s 30 minutes of satellite feed from a 1997 episode of WWF Shotgun:

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  • ReallyPeople?

    Most likely, very little of what we saw last monday night was “live” almost all of that was rehearsed and taped multiple takes at a time. This looks like whatever network this was just didn’t cut a feed or this segment never got edited and the board operator didn’t cut to commercial on cue

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