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Lawler Moved To SmackDown, Gallows On CM Punk’s UFC Move, Lesnar Tops Rankings

Jerry Lawler Joins SmackDown Announce Team

WWE have announced a shuffling of the announce teams, with Jerry Lawler moving to SmackDown and calling the action alongside Michael Cole and Byron Saxton. JBL, Col, and Booker T are now the permanent RAW team. Poor Tom Phillips has been demoted.

According to the Wrestling Observer Lawler was always going to be moved to SmackDown for the new Thursday timeslot, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with his intestinal disease.

[I was always a fan of Lawler when he was a heel during the Attitude Era, but that type of personality obviously no longer works. Whether it’s the PG environment holding him back or just age, he’s simply awful right now and offers absolutely nothing to the show. He just comes across as old, out of touch and simply going through the motions. For all of Vince McMahon’s alleged hatred of the aging, southern, not very cosmetic Jim Ross, what does he see in Lawler?]

Straight Edge Society Member On CM Punk Fighting

Former Straight Edge Society member Doc Gallows (Festus/Luke) recently spoke with the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show about CM Punk jumping to UFC:

I know his opinions because I’ve heard them out of his mouth on the phone before, but I wasn’t there anymore and it was a different time. All I know, is I felt like in 2010 when the Straight Edge Society ended that it was a shame because we had some real momentum. We came into Summer Slam 2010 and whatever mistakes Serena Deeb made, I don’t know, I can’t care to comment on, she got fired and [Joey Mercury] tore his pec in that match we had with Big Show. So it was kinda like the Straight Edge Society imploded in one night, so we never got to finish the storyline which I always thought was a shame.

The UFC move shocked me. I knew some of the other entertainment stuff he was doing, I knew he was training his ass off, I knew he was a huge fan of it, so I kinda had an inkling. And then he announced it or they announced it, whatever, and I texted him and said, ‘Holy Crap dude, congratulations, I had no idea.’ I just talked to him in Japan, I know he’s training his butt off in Milwaukee and he’s really digging that. I hope for all the best for him.

Gallows who had a stint in TNA in the Aces & Eights, is now a member of the Bullet Club in NJPW.

Speaking of Punk WWE are making sure any re-prints of their latest comic book will remove all stories and references to CM Punk. It’s not believed that this is a legal issue, rather something they’re doing out of spite.

Brock Lesnar Tops PWI Ranking

Brock Lesnar was ranked the top wrestler in the world for 2014, in Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine’s annual poll. Lesnar was followed by Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and John Cena.

NXT Diva’s Champion Charlotte was named Rookie of the Year.

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