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Latest Jeff Jarrett Teaser, Bobby Lashley Talks TNA Return, Buff Says TNA Can’t Be Saved

Jeff Jarrett To Make Major Announcement

Jeff Jarrett has released another teaser about his new project. He says he’ll make his first major announcement on April 7th, the day after Wrestlemania:

Lashley Says It’s Great To Be Back

TNA have uploaded a new video of Bobby Lashley discussing his return to the company at last night’s Lockdown. He answered EC3’s open challenge:

Buff Says The Rock Couldn’t Even Save TNA

In his recent interview with The Shoot Buff Bagwell said not even The Rock can save TNA:

That’s why I’m not mad they didn’t hire me. Hiring Buff Bagwell isn’t going to save TNA. Hiring The Rock isn’t going to save TNA. So why put out a couple more hundred grand a year when it’s not going to save the company. I understand their position but I still don’t understand keeping the show on television. Either shut it down or do hire a Buff Bagwell that may switch the channels a little more, may make something happen. It may make somebody want to come over. Then you got The Rock and Buff Bagwell, maybe a Goldberg on TNA. Now you’ve got some heavy players. You just can’t have match after match people going who’s this guy here? what’s that guys name? You gotta have name value and they don’t.

They (TNA) were at the Gwinett Center here about 6 months ago, and I just drove up there and walked in. They just ate me up and oh god you look great, looks like you haven’t aged a bit, you know all this stuff. Me and Eric did text back and forth and all of sudden guys started getting fired, it was the same ol story, TNA’s going under and it was over again. I just can’t imagine being in the wrestling business you’ve got Buff Bagwell living in Atlanta, you’re running a Gwinett show which is 20 minutes from my house. Why would you not have Buff Bagwell come in and get beat? Put me on TV, beat me, but why not put me on TV? People know me better than they know other guy they’re beating. So why not get a better rating and beat me. I’m not asking to win, I’m asking to be part of the show and help them build a product.

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