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Konnan Wrongly Arrested At NFL Game, Bret Wants Owen and Davey In HOF, Nikki Promo Transcript

Former WCW Star Arrested For “Causing Scene”

Former WCW star Konnan was arrested a couple of weeks ago at the San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders NFL game. He was with MVP, Rey Mysterio and Dominick, as well as a female friend. Because it was a big rivalry game there’s always extra security measures, and the lady was not allowed through the gate because she had a purse that was not see-through, like at airports where you’re supposed to put belongings in a little baggy.

Konnan and Rey were already through the gate, with Rey further ahead, and Konnan shouted that he needed the key so his friend could go back to the car. Security believed that Konnan was about to exit the gate (which apparently is not allowed) though he insists he was just going to pass the key through. This caused a scene and a cop reportedly came up behind Konnan and grabbed his arm, accusing him of being drunk and demanding to know what he was doing.

After searching him, the cop found a small bit of weed (he has a medical card) and carted him off to another part of the stadium in fear that MVP was going to punch him (which Konnan says was blown way out of proportion).

After passing a field sobriety test and having a long conversation Konnan was released without charge. He put it down to the security and cops being overly sensitive because there’s often a lot of trouble at the games. It looks like they had fun in the end.

Bret Hart Wants Owen and Bulldog In Hall of Fame

In a recent interview with Wrestling101 Bret Hart discussed Owen Hart and the British Bulldog deserving to be in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“I really hope so, both of them should be in. I think that it is just a matter of time, I think WWE has just been waiting for the right time to either approach it with Owen’s widow (Martha) and I don’t know what the final decision is with that. I hate that Owen’s widow has done so much to erase his memory and not keep his memory alive, I find that is an insult to him and his family and all the great things he did for the fans who remember him.

“I take exception for all that now and I want to bring as much of Owen back to life for wrestling fans and let them remember what a great person he was and what a great performer he was, and how much fun he was as a wrestler.

“Especially coming over to the UK I find it interesting how many fans really loved Owen for his personality and his style of wrestling and all of the little things about him. I miss all of those things about Owen as well and I would like to bring more of that back – there must be troves of video and film of Owen doing things on tour, these are all in a can somewhere and no one is seeing them and I really think that they need to revive the great memories of what Owen did before it’s too far gone, the fans that remember him start to die. It is just awful how Martha erased everything he has done.”

Nikki’s SmackDown Promo

Here is a transcript of Nikki Bella’s promo from SmackDown against AJ Lee. A lot of it was edited out of the broadcast. Since she’s a heel it was a pretty stupid promo:

“I’m not going to say trashy, classless things like Ms. Lee did because unlike Ms. Lee, I actually care about the kids that sit in this audience. It’s time that everyone heard the real truth about AJ Lee. Yes, we heard over and over and over again your sob story. Yes, we have heard over and over about how hard you worked. But you wanna know what? I have worked harder. The biggest difference between you and me is that I don’t have to go tell everyone so they like me. And most important, that is what makes me fearless.

“You wanna know why you don’t have any friends? It’s because you’re so threatened by anyone who doesn’t like you. AJ, I want you to take a good hard look at what a woman is, a real woman, a classy woman! I want you to take a look at what a real Divas champion looks like. AJ, I want you to know that forever, through these fearless eyes, you will always be that pathetic manipulating little girl from New Jersey.”

It’s not clear whether she went off script or WWE simply changed their mind on what she said. Perhaps because of the Punk situation they don’t want to come across as bullying AJ.

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