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Kofi Once Wrestled Vince? Ambrose Talks First Acting Gig, Natalya On Being Barred From Title

Kofi vs Vince Happened On Plane

In Chris Jericho’s new book “Best In The World (At What I Have No Idea)” he tells the story of an incident on a plane where Vince McMahon joked to Kofi Kingston that “Maybe one day you’ll get over.”

Initially Kofi took it in his stride but as they were exiting the flight Jericho persuaded him that if he didn’t challenge Vince to a fight it would ruin his career. With that Kofi went back up the isle and asked Vince if there was a problem, and the two trashed talked each other. In the end Vince went for a double leg takedown and the two literally wrestled around the isle.

Apparently this is one of Vince McMahon’s things – he tries to take people down.

There was no hard feelings and ultimately it was all taken as a joke.

Ambrose Says He Can’t Act

In a recent interview with SlamCast Dean Ambrose joked about WWE giving him the recent acting role, despite having zero experience:

I figured I’d be in the background holding a gun for five seconds. Then they sent me the script and I realized I was the lead role and a thought it was hilarious. They have no idea I’m not qualified for this at all. I’ve never acted before, I’ve never been on the set for a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial let alone an action movie.

If the Miz can do it, and Randy (Orton) can do it, then I can definitely do it. I think I did pretty good, though.

Natalya Talks Total Divas Cast Being Barred From Title

Natalya discussed the rule that Total Divas members aren’t allowed to win the Divas title in an interview with SLAM! Wrestling:

I’ve heard that rumor. It’s hard to explain it because every single day in the WWE things are changing. Remember that anything can happen in the WWE. Who would’ve have thought that Bret Hart would ever come back?

Would I like to be Divas champion again? For sure, but it doesn’t define me. About six months ago, I felt I wasn’t worth as much if I wasn’t Divas champion. But now, it’s not what’s making me wake up in the morning. Since I started doing Total Divas, my life has changed is so many ways that I wasn’t expecting. And you know, tomorrow, all the rules can change again.

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  • Jethal Silverwing

    Ambrose can’t act? it’s ok.. WWE cant make movies.. so it’s a wash either way, right?

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