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Kevin Nash and Piper Blow Up On Twitter, Stolen Von Erich Merchandise Recovered

Kevin Nash Calls Roddy Piper A Deranged old Fool

On his new podcast Roddy Piper called Kevin Nash a liar and said he didn’t know how to work. He recalled a match where he claimed Nash was taking liberties, so backstage he threw him out of the dressing room.

Nash disputes this, and blew up on Twitter, calling Piper a deranged old fool:

Stolen Kerry Von Erich memorabilia recovered

SLAM! Wrestling has a new article up documenting the return of stolen Kerry Von Erich memorabilia.

Following Kerry Von Erich’s suicide in February 1993, a lot of his memorabilia went missing, stolen from his home and at a benefit for Kerry’s daughters.

It took 21 years, but Bill Colville, a long-time friend of the Von Erichs, has found the treasures, stashed away in a dusty attic in Arlington, Texas.

The wonders of the Internet and Facebook are a big part of this detective tale.

A few months ago, he got a friend request on Facbeook from DeAn Durham. He didn’t recognize her name at first, but veteran Dallas wrestler Chaz Taylor filled him in.

“She was related to the person I suspected and confirmed that yes, her aunt did have Kerry’s things and DeAn had always wondered why. She was young at the time and didn’t really question the legitimacy of her aunt having them,” wrote Colville. “There’s a long story I won’t go into here but suffice to say, we started a covert operation to get Kerry’s things back (she’s not crazy about her aunt either). Before we go any further, a police report was filed in Dallas, TX at the time and the Arlington Police Dept. has been made aware of the situation.”

DeAn Durham got the stolen items back and on Friday got them to Colville.

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