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Kenta’s Name Change, New NXT Tag Champs, WWE’s Bullet Time Ring Tech

Kenta Changes Name At Takeover 2

Kenta announced during NXT Takeover 2 that he will now be going by the name Hideo Itami, he then proceeded to dispatch of the Ascension.

Speaking of the Ascension they lost the tag belts to Sin Cara and Kalisto, which suggests they’re permanently moving to the main roster soon.

Here’s what went down on the show:

– Sin Cara & Kalisto defeat The Ascension via pinfall (Salida del Sol on Viktor) to win the NXT Tag Team Championship.

– Baron Corbin defeats CJ Parker via pinfall following a very cool looking finisher (Flatliner variation).

– Enzo Amore defeats Sylvester Lefort via pinfall in a Hair vs. Hair match.

– Bull Dempsey defeats Mojo Rawley via pinfall following a diving head butt.

– Charlotte defeats Bayley via pinfall following Natural Selection to retain her NXT Women’s Championship.

– Adrian Neville (c) defeats Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze & Sami Zayn in a Fatal 4Way to retain his NXT Championship, pinning Kidd after a Red Arrow.

WWE’s Bullet Time Ring At Performance Center

WWE have uploaded a video showcasing their “bullet time” ring technology from the performance center. It can take footage at 360 degree angles, allowing wrestlers to closely analyse their moves and timing.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    ascension has got some merch going on now too in the shop

    • Greg Giggie

      Good for them, but my problem with this is that it looks weak heading to the main roster. For people who actually watch NXT you’re like, “great these dudes just lost to two guys who weigh a combined 370 lbs & they’re supposed to make headway up here?” I would’ve preferred them to just challenge for the WWE titles & a small piece of dialogue could’ve come from the GM where he’s like, “in order to get a WWE title shot you have to relinquish the NXT titles”. Then it gives them an automatic launching pad for NXT teams to vie for vacated titles & still keeps them strong heading to the “big leagues”. Also, that hair vs. hair match was garbage. On a side note if that Baron Corbin kid tightens up a bit & gets a little nastier he’ll be ready to go quick (squash matches at first).

      • Keelan Balderson

        I didn’t like how they just debuted on Main Event … I expected them to get vignettes and a massive build, because they’re … ascending.

        • Greg Giggie

          good call. The old school vignettes were a great piece of advancing storylines & showcasing talent, they’ve gotten away from that quite a bit now that dudes aren’t switching over from a rivaled promotion (like when say Mankind/Foley came from WCW or Razor Ramon to use super old examples). Back in the day Kenta would’ve gotten that treatment & already be on the main roster.

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