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Ken Shamrock Update, Renee Young Does Commentary, WWE Network Uncut

Ken Shamrock Does Security For 50 Cent

Ken ShamrockThough he’s angling for a return to TV wrestling, in the meantime Ken Shamrock has been working security for rapper 50 Cent.

He was part of his personal protection team for the CES convention in Las Vegas, which was also the site of the WWE Network announcement.

Shamrock wrote on Twitter that Fiddy was “By far one of the classiest gents I have ever worked with.”

Renee Young Wants To Be First Female Commentator

Backstage WWE interviewer Renee Young has been trying her hand at commentary for NXT. She told that she wants to be the first WWE female commentator:

“I was doing color commentary down at NXT, and it’s been a really great opportunity for me to tap into my hosting background, using my brain and thinking on my feet. Being clever with it is awesome for me. I love being able to do that. I would love to be the first female to do color commentary for this company. That would be a cool thing to do. I would love to be the girl to take on that role.”

WWE Network Will Be Uncensored

For those wondering the WWE Network will be uncensored, and their TV PG rating will have no barring on old footage from ECW or the Attitude Era. The system will have a parental control lock to filter out mature content for children.

As previously noted, Chris Benoit will also be featured with a prior warning before the broadcast/video.

The only edits will be the removal of unlicensed music (mainly ECW entrance music, as Paul Heyman never got permission) and blurring of the attitude era scratch logo.

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