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Justin Roberts Update, Kane Wants Sting? Foley Gets TV Deal, NFL Blocks XFL? Slammys Cancelled?

Justin Roberts Protects His Name

Recently released WWE announcer Justin Roberts might have seen the writing on the wall a few weeks back, because he reportedly filed to trademark his name. Of course that’s his real name anyway, but it can’t hurt to protect it specifically for announcing.

According to Eden (Stardust’s wife) will become his replacement.

Kane Wants To Wrestle Sting?

In a recent interview with Alternative Nation Kane says he would love to wrestle Sting:

That would be a dream come true, because Sting is one of the guy who I looked up to when I was a youngster. The dude was the face of WCW, and before that the NWA, one of the most popular wrestlers in history. That would be pretty awesome, and I think that a Sting vs. Undertaker story would be awesome as well, because you would see the faces of two different companies from the same generation collide.

Kane also put over Triple H’s leadership:

He’s done a tremendous job with the Performance Center in Orlando, and with NXT. They have a great product, the guys that are coming out of there are really great. I was just thinking about that the other day, you could always tell there was something special about him. Certainly he knows the wrestling business like no one else, he’s got a fabulous mind. When you’re talking about people I’ve worked with who have influenced me as far as character development, he’s one of them. I don’t know which is more surprising, the fact that he’s in the role that he’s in, or that I’m still here in WWE 20 years later.

Mick Foley Teases New TV Deal

Although the specific project is unknown wrestling legend Mick Foley Tweeted the following:

Yes, it looks like it’s finally going to happen.I should know more in the next week or two.

NFL Still Worried About XFL?

In an interesting tid-bit the NFL have filed an extension to give them time to oppose WWE’s recent move to re-trademark the XFL name. This may have something to do with the FXFL developmental league, but since WWE ran the XFL first it doesn’t seem like they have any grounds to oppose. Perhaps they’re worried Vinnie Mac is gonna swoop back in and challenge them?

Slammy Awards Cancelled?

This year’s planned WWE Slammy Awards episode of RAW on December 29th from Washington, DC, has been cancelled. Whether this means the concept is dead or they’re rescheduling it is not clear.

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