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JR On Wrestlers Policing The Locker Room, Neville On Winning NXT Title, Cody Hall Update

Jim Ross On How A Bully Was Dealt With

In his newest Fox Sports blog Jim Ross discusses the dynamic of a wrestling locker room. In one story he explains how locker rooms would often police themselves:

In the early part of my career, I was earning extra money by donning the striped shirt and refereeing. One of the top villains in the territory was a 300-pound Canadian by the name of “Bruiser” Bob Sweetan. Sweetan, who later served a prison sentence in Texas, was a bully. During matches he “accidentally” bloodied my nose and on another occasion blackened my eye. He was the star villain and I was the rookie who felt that I could not protest. It was all a part of paying my dues … or so I thought.

My regular riding/traveling partner was Danny Hodge, who was away on a tour of Japan when these liberties were being taken by Bruiser Bob. Hodge was a three-time NCAA National Champion wrestler at Oklahoma University, who was never defeated and who in his senior year for the Sooners never gave up a point on the mat. The Perry, Okla., native also represented the USA in two Olympic Games. Dan then took up boxing and he won the National Golden Gloves boxing title. (UFC’s Dana White would have loved Dan Hodge.)

Hodge had been bullied as a kid, and he wasn’t tolerant of such behavior. As fate would have it, Hodge wrestled Sweetan soon after his return. Hodge saw my black eye and was filled in by other wrestlers of Sweetan’s conduct regarding rookies and people the real-life villain could intimidate and bully.

In the match with the 220-pound Hodge, Sweetan was humbled, physically gassed, and punished while being made to look far from invincible in his casting as the territory’s top antagonist. Ironically, the booking that night called for Hodge to lose, which he did.

When all was said and done, though, Sweetan did not look like a winner.

Adrian Neville On His Role As NXT Champion

New NXT Champion Adrian Neville discussed his role at the top of developmental in a new piece:

Right now is a very exciting time to be in NXT. In the wake of NXT ArRIVAL and the launch of WWE Network, we have a lot of eyes on us. People are excited about the next generation of WWE superstars and as champion I represent us all. I will be an example and show the world what NXT means. We’re young, hungry, dedicated, passionate, determined and highly skilled. I will encourage challengers and strive to be a champion the NXT roster and NXT Universe alike can be proud of.

Cody Hall Hype Video

DDP has uploaded a hype video of Scott Hall’s son Cody training:

The video description notes that Cody has been nominated for PWI’s Rookie of the Year.

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