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JR Talks RAW Audience, Rating Drops, Football Player To WWE?

Jim Ross Talks RAW Not Being Hijacked and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog discussing last night’s RAW:

Enjoyed many aspects of RAW Monday night. No Punk. No hijacking. The WWE folks steered the course just as I had suggested here and at on my show in NYC Saturday night. Seems like many in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) were pulling for a disruptive show and I’m pleased that did not occur.

Great promo to start the show by Paul Heyman. Heyman has no equal on the mic in today’s business. Who has more animalistic presence than Brock Lesnar? I’ve got your answer….nobody!

Liked that the villains kept the heat turned up on Daniel Bryan who was featured prominently on RAW. So prominently, in fact, that it might actually quiet some vocal fans who, based on some tweets I’ve received @JRsBBQ and some emails here, don’t know as much about building a story line as they would like to believe that they do.

I still believe that Daniel Bryan will walk away from WM30 as one of the primary stars of the event in the Super Dome. Don’t bet against DB stealing the show in the Big Easy.

RAW Audience Decreases

This week’s episode of WWE RAW on the USA Network, drew an average audience of 4.576 million viewers, down a bit from last week’s 4.661 million number.

The first hour drew 4.672 million, the second hour drew 4.620 million and the third hour did 4.438 million viewers.

Pittsburgh Player Wants WWE Career

Former University of Pittsburgh defensive lineman Tyrone Ezell told that he may want to go to WWE if he’s not drafted by the NFL in May.

“It is a possibility. I was thinking about getting into that if it doesn’t work out. That was my first love and still is my first love, to be honest with you.”

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