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JR On Sting Going To WWE, Punk Gives Rey Gift, WWE Film Does Great, Young’s Interview Nominated

JR Says Sting Doesn’t Need To Wrestle

In his latest blog Jim Ross says Sting doesn’t need to wrestle if he signs a WWE deal:

I assume that he hasn’t signed with WWE only because WWE hasn’t announced it. Signing Sting would create positive news for WWE as he is a major star that WWE can monetize in a variety of ways if he comes aboard. I don’t see Sting even needing to wrestle to be a viable asset to WWE if he does sign with the company. If Sting did have one match it WWE it would need to be a long build, much anticipated one that has a significant payoff at a major event more specifically WM31.

Though news that he’s signed has done the rounds several times, the Wrestling Observer reports that Sting has not sent back the contract. This is where the confusion stems from.

Rey Mysterio Thanks CM Punk

Rey Mysterio thanked CM Punk on Instagram for sending him a custom t-shirt:

Thanx to the Homie CM*PUNK for this sick ass T I requested from him after seeing one on him with his logo! Good look N, miss ya! #og’s #custom #619er #truehomie

Oculus Does Well At Box Office

Horror movie Oculus which was distributed by WWE Studios, ranked third at the box office over the weekend. The film brought in $12 million from 2,648 theaters, off a $5 million budget.

Darren Young Interview Nominated By GLADD

Darren Young’s coming out interview with Ellen DeGeneres has been nominated for Outstanding Talk Show Episode, at this year’s GLAAD Media Awards.

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