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JR Shoots On Modern Announcing, More Ryback Tweets, WWE Diva With Rapper

Jim Ross Doesn’t Like Modern Announcing Methods

In an update to his Q&A page Jim Ross says he doesn’t get the modern way of announcing wrestling:

I am not in tune with how pro wrestling or sports entertainment broadcasting in general is done these days. It’s missing something with all the ‘witty repartee’ and ‘banter.’ I’m not emotionally engaged by what I hear. It is a function of how talents are produced and instructed on what to do. Not my cup of tea and I’m glad it’s them and not me battling through it.

JR also agreed with a fan that DQs have become worthless:

The rules in the genre are so vague that the disqualification finish has been rendered essentially useless.

Ryback Posts More Controversial Tweets

Ryback continued to mess with the fans yesterday on Twitter with another series of sarcastic and controversial Tweets:

“Would like to thank the internet community for all of the support through these confusing times. Not sure where my career stands I may quit.”

“Just got a call from Norm McDonald and Chubbs from Happy Gilmore. Very excited about these new projects we r working together on. Stay tuned”

“Only thing I ask from all of u the great internet community is follow me get me to a million followers and declare me your king. KingBigGuy”

“Last night at my last show the crowd chanted Ryback and Ryback Rules clap clap clap over and over. I thank you it will forever be remembered”

“I have enough I am done.”

It’s not clear what WWE management think of what he’s doing, though they tend not to like wrestlers acting out on social media. That being said it could be argued that he’s just being a heel.

Heath Slater replied saying there’s always a spot open for him in 3MB:

“Hey BIG GUY don’t quit…. 3MB needs a drummer.. I can set u up with an audition..”

Cameron Spotted With Ray J

WWE Diva and Funkadactyl Cameron was spotted with rapper Ray J over the weekend in LA. Here is a photo:

Ray J was Kim Kardashian’s partner in her famous sex tape.

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