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JR Shoots On Bunny, Zayn Talks RAW Debut, WWE Fantasy Camps, Foley Wants Punk At Mania

What’s With All The Fake Animals?

Jim Ross wasn’t entertained by the Bunny/Gator/Bull segment on Monday’s RAW. He wrote on blog:

Admittedly, I am not in WWE’s target demo any longer but I’m still a fan but for the life of me I can’t ascertain the usefulness of a mini bull, a mini alligator or a giant rabbit. Apparently, I just don’t get it. Perhaps it’s the ‘Disney’ influence of the PG aspect of today’s WWE and if so that would make sense.

Ross also recently revealed that he’d like to work for NJPW as an English announcer. Considering Jarrett’s GFW is partnering with the Japanese promotion to run an American PPV, Ross might just get what he wishes for:

I’m very interested in doing special projects and that certainly would be on that list of a special project. And I think if they were serious about their marketing of their pay-per-views — and I guess their big show is January 4th — that if they were really serious about that event being a hit in the English-speaking countries, that I might be able to help them. I think their style is right down my alley. They’re physical, they’re intense, their wrestling is logical and I am a fan of it. But I wouldn’t want to do it in a TV studio somewhere and doing it as a voiceover. If I did it, I’d want to be in Tokyo.

Sami Zayn Talks Wrestling On RAW

NXT star Sami Zayn discussed wrestling on RAW during a recent interview with

It was cool. Being on the road, for me, it just feels natural. I’m more used to that than being here honestly. This was an adjustment, coming to the performance center and not being on the road was the adjustment for me because I came from a wrestling background and was used to being quite busy. Now we’re getting back on the road, a few of us, (Adrian) Neville, myself and Tyler Breeze, The Ascension got a couple of opportunities. We’ve been on the road recently and it really just feels like home, honestly. Doing those three hour, four hour car rides … that’s cake and that feels right.

Train At The Performance Center

WWE are finalizing the details for setting up “fantasy camps” at the WWE performance center. This would involve fans paying a very high sum to get a training session and the tour. It should be noted that this will be for fun, and is not the route to take to actually get in to WWE.

Mick Foley Wants CM Punk At Wrestlemania

Following Jim Ross’ recent blog Mick Foley too seems to be linking CM Punk with Wrestlemania:

Is there a future for CM Punk in #WWE? I have always liked Punk and respected the way he marched to the beat of his own drummer. While there is part of me that thinks we have seen the last of Punk in the world of sports -entertainment, I can’t help but wonder if that beat he marches to will lead him straight to a huge event at #Wrestlemania.
Certainly, his promos alone would make WWE Monday Night Raw must-see TV, and the mere prospect of seeing an angry Punk, with a chip on his shoulder, could create any number of scenarios for memorable Mania match ups.

Only Punk knows for sure…and he’s not talking.

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