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JR Predicts Orton vs Cena, Miz Talks His Movie, Younger At NXT

Who Will Win, Cena or Orton?

Cena Orton

In his latest blog, Jim Ross discussed who who think will win the Unification match at TLC:

“For the Undisputed Championship, or whatever it will be called, I’m going with Randy Orton, likely with a little help from his friends, whoever they may be, to beat John Cena Sunday night in Houston. This then sets up Cena on a quest/march to WM30 to get in the main event to compete for the title. I see Cena vs. Orton going past 30 minutes of bell to bell time Sunday and having a helluva match. They have the chemistry to get it done and the motivation of the unification match to motivate them as well.

I do fully expect that one man leaves with the Undisputed Title and if that doesn’t occur I feel that will be a mistake. A definitive winner creates so many more positive scenarios with which to work with creatively.”

As noted earlier in the week, Cena appeared on the Tribute To The Troops taping without any belts and the show airs after TLC, possibly hinting that Orton will win.

In a related note WWE are advertising Cena vs Orton title matches at house shows through January.

The Miz Discusses His Christmas Movie

In a recent interview with Xfinity the Miz discussed the reaction from his peers to his new Christmas movie:

“We’re always about ribbing each other. There’s a whole lot of love. I get a lot of past / present / future references because that was one of Mikey Muscles’ romantic moments. And whenever a guy’s giving his softer, more sensitive side they’re going to make fun of it. Everyone’s been pretty cool about it.”

Miz also discussed how hard it was when he first joined WWE:

“I think the biggest and hardest thing to do is get respect. When you come from a reality show, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Just do reality. Sit your life in front of a camera. That’s it. You have no talent. But, I wanted more. When I went to WWE I was frowned upon by the WWE Universe, the locker room. Nobody wanted me to succeed. I worked hard at it, I dedicated myself, and now eight years later I can say I’ve had a successful run in the WWE.

“And now moving into movies it’s another transition. ‘He’s just a WWE Superstar.’ I feel like we don’t get the respect we deserve. WWE is theater. We’re in front of a live audience and you have one take to get it right. We have these amazing storylines. It’s very much like movies except we don’t get 100 takes. I think people are going to say, ‘Oh, it’s just a wrestler.’ But, I think we’re going to turn some heads.”

Drake Younger At Performance Center

Independent star Drake Younger is another name that has been attending WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando. He is most known for his runs in CZW and IWA Mid-south, where he was successful in regular wrestling and death match style.

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