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JR Open To GFW, Awesome Lucha Underground Promo, Former TNA Star Retires

Jim Ross Open To Calling GFW Event

In a recent interview with Jim Ross confirmed that he’d be open to calling the rumored GFW/NJPW event:

“If it seems like fun, if its going to be win-win for everybody involved from a business standpoint, I’m open to a lot of things – and that would be on my list of something I’d be interested in doing if it was a good business decision and a good arrangement for both parties. I certainly would listen to what they had to say. It would be like an adventure. It’s like one of those deals where you might say, ‘I can take my wife with me on this one. We may stay a week.’ That kind of deal. Why not, you can make a little pay day, you fly your wife over, you enjoy the sights, you get the opportunity to do some things we haven’t had time for.

“You do 51 weeks of live TV a year for a quarter century; you don’t have a lot of free time. I worked 21 years for WWE without a vacation and took a vacation maybe once. So I didn’t take a lot of time off and I had a lot of responsibility. I wouldn’t change a bit of it, I loved every minute of it. But I did make sacrifices that were family-oriented and I can’t get back that time. When you’re 62, that’s one thing that you really start putting a value on, your time. So, I’m going to maximize whatever the good lord blesses me with and enjoy every day and make sure that whatever I do, I’m having fun doing it.”

Meet The Lucha Underground Warriors

Lucha Underground have released a new promo video introducing their “warriors”, it’s definitely intriguing and different from what’s currently on offer to English speaking audiences, but for some reason they’re still doing the whole heel authority figure thing:

Jesse Sorensen Retires

Former TNA star Jesse Sorensen has announced his retirement on Twitter:

“As of today I’m officially done wrestling, this has nothing to do with injuries it’s a personal choice. Thank u to everyone who supported me”

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