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JR On TNA Situation, Joe Merch Sells Out, Chael Sonnen On GFW Gig, Hogan Wrestling Update

Destination America Should Make Statement

Jim Ross took Destination America to task in his latest blog, for not making an official statement regarding the Impact cancellation rumors:

The insanity that is Destination America is on going. As this is being written, the network still has yet to address the rumors that they are cancelling the TNA Impact Wresting TV program in September. The same program that the network abruptly moved from Friday nights to Wednesday nights with little or no advance waning. Nothing official from the network with all the rumors that flying around isn’t prudent in my opinion. Why an official statement can’t be made is hard to fathom but even if they do it late today (Friday) the long, Memorial Dy holiday will essentially engulf the information. I’ve talked to a few folks at TNA and they are as in the dark about this matter as TNA’s fans are. It’s insensitive and unprofessional to keep so many families of the wrestling company in the dark about their future.

Samoa Joe Merch Already Sold Out

NXT’s Samoa Joe shirts are already sold out and will not be back in stock until June.

How Chael Sonnen Met Jarrett

In a new video from GFW, Chael Sonnen discussed how his deal to call the action came about:

Hulk Hogan Still Pushing For Wrestlemania

Hulk Hogan continues to hype a possible in-ring return at Wrestlemania 32. He was at the recent Body Power Expo at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England, and said that Vince McMahon outright challenged him to get in to match shape.

This could just be Hogan planting the seed himself, or perhaps the company really are considering letting him throw some punches. I still think it’s highly unlikely that they’d let him take any bumps.

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